MioMap 3.3 Skins for Mio C230

There are a lot of MioMap v3.2 skins out there, but there are not a lot of MioMap v3.3 skins. There is also no skin tested for C230 either at the time of this writing. With help from MoonBear at GpsPassion.com, I was able to modify a split screen skin for use in C230.

The reason that some of the MioMap v3.3 skins do not work with C230 is that there is no machine specific information regarding C230 in the configuration file. The configuration file is configpocket_pc.ini in the DATA.ZIP file. If you are not familiar with editing files inside DATA.ZIP , please check my post regarding DATA.ZIP tweaks. Add the following to the pocket_pc.ini file.

gps_port = 2

gps_baud = 4800

tmc_port = 1

tmc_baud = 38400







blight_min = 1

blight_max = 8

blight_reverse = 0

blight_smart = 4

blight_key_BatteryTimeoutBA = "BatteryTimeout"

blight_key_BatteryTimeoutAC = "ACTimeout"

blight_key_BacklightOnTapBA = "BacklightOnTap"

blight_key_BacklightOnTapAC = "ACBacklightOnTap"

blight_key_OnOffBA = "OnOff"

blight_key_OnOffAC = "ExtOnOff"

blight_setmode5 = 1



After modifying the pocket_pc.ini, I was able to use a skin which enables split screen. I would encourage anyone who is trying different skins for Mio C230 to do this. All the skins you see here have the required information for Mio C230 already. You don’t have to do the modification again. Please report back if you found other skins that work fro C230. I will also post updates of these skins, please check the bottom of each skin section for updates. [Update: One reader found out some problems with TTS using the skins. The reason for it might be because the skins were made for other devices originally. The config directory in DATA.ZIP contains information for other devices. It might be better to just copy the whole config directory from your original DATA.ZIP to the new skin’s DATA.ZIP’s config directory. ]

Olivercp Skin

I found this skin in this thread. There is no name for it, I’ll just use the name olivercp for now. Here is the description by olivercp.

Try this skin that works on Mio 3.3. I forgot where I got it but initially it had some bugs and some quirks which i did not like. In particular, when in map mode and when you have an active route, the zoom buttons were replaced by “route overview” and “route method”. I did not like losing the zoom buttons in map mode so I added the zoom buttons similar to the one used in quicksilver. Also, when it switches to night mode, it looks for some missing spr files and abends with a fatal error. I had added the missing files and so this bug is also fixed. I also added a “minimize button” in the main menu. And yes, this skin has the exit button. I also replaced the guidance.dat file in config folder with the older version used in mio 3.2 skin. I think this somewhat reduced the chattiness of mio (it doesn’t tell me to stay on the right (stays silent) when approaching an intersection when I am not making a turn at the intersection).

This skin has the “split screen” view. Just click on the current street you are on (lower bar in navigation mode) and split screen will be shown. The split screen has four tabs for the speedometer, POI’s, TMC, and route turn list. Click again on the current street to close the split screen. I also modified this skin so that when in navigation mode and you click the next-street, it re-plays the voice direction.

I also accidentally discovered, that if you use this skin in mio 3.2, it is the same as the smartblue skin!


olivercproute.jpg olivercppoi.jpg

In addition to the awesome split screen, there are also some added features in Map screen. See that there are two new icons: binocular and calculator. These two icons are only shown up when you have a route planned. Click on the binocular icon fits the route on the screen. Click on the calculator icon switch the route options on the fly with distance and time to destination shown. You can also do fast fly-over without modifying the SYS.TXT .


You can download the modified skin for C230 here. There are two files inside the zip file: DATA.ZIP and PANNEAUX.TTF. Make a backup of your current DATA.ZIP file. Put these two downloaded files in My Flash DiskMioMapMioMap if you haven’t unlocked your C230. Put these two files in My Flash DiskMioMapMioMap2 if you have unlocked your C230.

Updated OliverCP skin with map to cockpit, cockpit to map buttons. Download here .

Riks v1.0 Skin

Here is another skin that I modified to run on Mio C230. You can download the file here. Note that this file Riks1.zip is the DATA.ZIP. Please don’t unzip it. Just rename it to DATA.ZIP and copy it to the corresponding location(Make a backup of the original, of course.). What’s interesting about this skin is the cockpit mode is very similar to map mode. The information that used to occupy the left side of the cockpit view is now on the bottom. You have a wider view while in cockpit mode. There are also icons for you to switch between map mode and cockpit mode easily. To activate the split screen in cockpit mode, touch the top edge of the screen. There is a minimize button on the main screen. If you minimize MioMap, you need to use the explorer (FileMan CE) to run MioMap.exe in My Flash DiskMioMapMioMap2 to switch back to MioMap again. Clicking on the icon on desktop won’t get you back to MioMap. I wouldn’t recommend using the minimize button until I test it more.




Updated riks1 without minimize button. Download here .

Quicksilver Reborn v1.3 Skin

I have heard of this skin for a long time and it seems very popular. It has a very clean interface. All the icons are professionally made. It DOES NOT support split screen unfortunately. You can download the file here. Note that this file Quicksilverreborn1.3.zip is the DATA.ZIP. Please don’t unzip it. Just rename it to DATA.ZIP and copy it to the corresponding location(Make a backup of the original, of course.). To enable the car icon, just click on the arrow in the cockpit view. BTW, the display icon on the main screen is to minimize MioMap. As in the Riks skin, don’t use it for now.





Updated Quicksilver skin without minimize button. Download here .

Sznyt 2.3 Skin

Quicksilver13 has contributed some skins. The first one is called Sznyt 2.3. This is not your ordinary skin. I was overwhelmed at first. The learning curve is a bit steep. You definitely need to spend some time to figure out what each icon does.




There is a compass screen which might be useful for geocaching.


You can download the file here. Change the file name to DATA.zip . [Updated: 6/2/2008] A reader has reported the original link is broken. Please check this topic in the forum for the new download location.


Registration required.

Nuovo (BreMa) Skin

The second skin contributed by Quicksilver13 is called Nuovo. It’s based upon the Riks skin. The original one doesn’t work with my C230. I copied over the original config directory and it’s working now.




You can download the skin here.

Joedoum Skin

This is actually the first skin contributed by Quicksilver13. I totally forgot about it when I posted the changes yesterday. 🙂





You can download the skin here.

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  1. jrplumber1,

    olivercp has added the map-to-route-to-map buttons to his skin. He said he may be able to do it for Quicksilver.

  2. Amida,

    Is that so the GPS power button can be added to Riks and olivercp? I notice that Quicksilver already has it

  3. The C230 is different in that it recognizes as a removable storage. I simply installed it on my PDA, and then just transferred the card after adding the extra dll files. It supposed to insert the registry items on first startup, but it just errors out. Has anyone got the C230 to connect to activesync? Thanks.

  4. Amida168,

    Do the OliverPC, Riks v1.0, and Quicksilver Reborn v1.3 Skins that your download links point to contain all the updates, tweaks, changes etc. that are mentioned in the replies regarding these skins?

  5. Robb1,

    I just updated the post, so if you look at the bottom of each section, you will see an updated link.

  6. The exact message is


    Cannot find iguidancequva or one of its components. Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all the required libraries are available.

  7. Thanks Amida

    but whats the name of the bitmap ?

    For some reason my xp doesnt display all the bitmaps so i dont know which is the arrow ! (i want to change for the car)

  8. Contact303,

    For Quicksilver skin, the car’s bitmap is mio\car_big.bmp and mio\car_little.bmp. Note that the car is on top of the arrow. It does not replace the arrow. You cannot just get the car icon by adding/editing the bitmap files. There are some scripts in the DATA.ZIP that handle the car icon.

    Some of the bitmaps are compressed. There is a utility I mentioned in comment #35. You can decompress the bitmap files using it.

  9. I tried to make the car a different color. I failed as I cannot create a .bmp with a transparent background.


    Nice job! I tried adding those to quicksilver, thinking if it worked, I would change the x and y to put it where I wanted and then re-do the icons to match the QS theme.

    I got a brick.

    Guess I’ll stick to icons and leave code the those who can. 🙂

  10. Great updates guys..I love the Olivercp Skin . I’ve added the gps button and cockpit switch. But I would like to move the zoom_out_trans.bmp too just below the zoom_in_trans.bmp. Cant find the X,Y settings anywhere..

  11. OK I found it. FYI.. its in browse_320_240.ui.

    i change it too

    BUTTON xxx x=249 y=83 bmp=”zoom_out_trans.bmp” alpha=20 onClick=’START_STOP_ZOOM 1 1′ onRelease=’START_STOP_ZOOM 1 0′ onMouseLeave=’START_STOP_ZOOM 1 0′

    BUTTON xxx x=249 y=50 bmp=”zoom_in_trans.bmp” alpha=20 onClick=’START_STOP_ZOOM 0 1′ onRelease=’START_STOP_ZOOM 0 0′ onMouseLeave=’START_STOP_ZOOM 0 0′

    thanks to all

  12. Amida,

    Can you get those buttons into the cleaned-up QuickSilver under the ‘+’ on the map screen (and the same place on the route screen even though there is no ‘+’.)

    If you can do that, I can try to make an icon that stays with the QS theme and put it in there.

  13. Amida,

    olivercp added the route view to map view buttons, but on the build that had the minimize button. Do you know how to combine the two so you would have the buttons but on the version with no minimize button and the centered clock?

  14. In response to post #74.

    olivercp told me when they were and I fixed them. Here is the modified data.zip file:


    However, it is still the build with the minimize button.

    jrplumber1 or Amida, can you post the files that were amended to center the clock and remove the minimize button? I will attempt to add them and make it a complete package.

  15. If you want to remove the minimize button, it’s in the main_menu_320_240.ui file in the mio\320_240\ui folder.

    Find the image minimize.bmp and comment out the tag that contains the minimize.bmp image.

  16. What if I were to replace the whole main_menu_320_240.ui file from jrplumber1’s fix? Would that do it? Or did you make changes to that for your button add on?

  17. I swapped the whole main_menu_320_240.ui from jrplumber1’s fix.

    Here’s what that means:

    1. olivercp’s buttons to switch directly from map-to-route views are there.

    2. CD’s QuickSilver theme icons (and placements) are there

    3. jrplumber1 fix to eliminate the minimize button and center the clock on the main menu are there.

    4. CD changed the Globe Picture on the GPS page, and moved the the “Accuracy, Elevation and Speed” boxes slightly left so that elevations over 1000ft would not bleed over the left side of the box.

    If no one can tell me a potential problem with having replaced the complete main_menu_320_240.ui file from a different build to olivercp’s, then I will post the data.zip that includes all of this.

  18. CD,

    Thanks for all your work. I tested the skin you posted earlier about adding the map-to-cockpit cockpit-to-map buttons. There is a problem with the way you added the buttons. I noticed sometimes the buttons are still visible when you are in settings or route planning.

  19. I noticed that, too. It happens in both night and day. But it’s only with the map icon on the route screen, not vice versa. All I did was make an icon and plop it into the folder to replace the former one. Do you have any ideas?

  20. @Amida168,

    To fix the issue of the “switch to map mode” button still appearing when the left corner menu is opened, modify the navigate_320_240.ui file in the mio\320_240\ui folder and move the location of the button:

    ” ”

    to the ui_navigate_static_left layer. Put it just before the tag.

  21. @c230,

    Thanks for the link. I haven’t got a chance to change the POI icons yet, but I’ll keep it in mind.


    Thank you for the tip. I’ll let CD handle it since he is the one who’s interested in modifying quicksilver.

  22. @olivercp….

    I have the file opened, but I’m not sure what you mean to do. Do you mean move:

    ; Button to switch to mapbrowse mode – 2008-01-17 By Oliver C.P.

    to right after:

  23. That didn’t post correctly

    Do you mean move…

    “; Button to switch to mapbrowse mode – 2008-01-17 By Oliver C.P.

    to right after…


  24. @Amida168,

    The less than and greater signs messes up my post. Whatever I put between greater and less signs gets removed. Here is my re-post:

    To fix the issue of the “switch to map mode” button still appearing when the left corner menu is opened, modify the navigate_320_240.ui file in the mio\320_240\ui folder and move the location of the button:

    ” BUTTON btn_2d3d_off x=272 y=125 z=2 bmp=”$map.bmp” alpha=20 onclick=’NEXTSTATE ST_BROWSEMAP’ ”

    to the ui_navigate_static_left layer. Put it just before the /layer tag.

  25. Got it! It worked, thanks!

    Did you see a problem with me replacing the whole


    from your build with that from jrplumber1? He had removed the minimize button and centered the clock.

  26. I have not seen the main_menu_320_240.ui version of jrplumber1 so I can’t tell if it will work or not. As the saying goes, the test of the pudding is in the eating. Just go try and test it.

  27. I think this is it.

    This Quicksilver has:

    1. Exit Door (Original)

    2. Easy Route Option (Original)

    3. Track Log Export Button (Original)

    4. GPS Power Off Button (Original)

    5. Main Screen – Minimize Button removed Clock Centered (jrplumber1)

    6. Route-Map Switch Buttons Added (olivercp)

    7. New Route-Map Switch Button Icons, correctly placed and transparent when menu is engaged (CD)

    8. Updated GPS Screen: New globe graphic, Accuracy-Elevation-Speed boxes moved slightly left so that elevations over 1000ft do not bleed of left side (CD)

    9. Updated Loading Screen (CD)

    Please look it over, check the code, examine the functions, etc. I’ve never done anything like this, I could easily screw it up.


  28. Mike FFI,

    I just got around to trying out your Skin Changer mod to my menu. Nice Job! Makes it easy to try out new skins as you said, and without even hooking up the Mio to your PC. I substituted the “C230 skin” I published yesterday (which is really Amida’s roundup of tweaks all packaged up) for the third no-name skin with Exit door.

    Thanks for sharing – now we can swap skins, desktops, clock screens, and system settings. 😀 😀

  29. CD,

    That’s great! Can we call this QuickSilver Reborn 1.4? I tested it and didn’t find anything wrong.


    I have tested a lot of skins lately. At one time, my MioMap didn’t save the route any more. I then tried switching iGo.db file and editing SYS.TXT. I didn’t know exactly what did I do to get the save route ability back. So, if you are trying out different skins, you might run into the same situation. Just a heads up for everyone.

  30. Maybe some one can help me with this. Im trying to put a icon on the cockpit view that would go right to my poi. Like when you click the gps icon it takes you to the gps screen.

    I am a truck driver and like to check for truckstops while driving . that way i dont have to try to click the screen 4 times. can someone point me in the right direction.


  31. Amida-

    You can call it whatever you’d like.;) I didn’t really do anything. olivercp was the one who added the buttons, told me where the x and y coordinates were to line up the icons and told me where to put the line to keep the icons transparent. I just followed his directions and hoped! I did make the icons and adjust the GPS screen boxes and globe graphic, but that’s a pretty minor contribution.

    Now if we could get the calulator function added, it would be perfect! Outside of my skill set, I’m afraid.

  32. I propose we name the skin Quicksilver Reborn CD to save confusion and to honor the authors and the “packager”. I was most hesitant to try out new skins, so I was blown away when this popped up on my Mio.

    Mike FFI – Your add-on to my menu is a keeper!!!

  33. Thanks for the kind words… but I could hardly call it my skin. It would be more accurate to call it olivercp’s skin, but that would get confusing. And the name ‘QuickSilver in which CD added some icons and graphics’ seems a wee bit long.:)

  34. Well, if you read the loading page, the skin started as Quicksilver, but then someone else released it as Quicksilver reborn, and now it’s been Reborn again. Unless that author is working with you, his next release version 1.4 may look nothing like yours…

    I need another coffee, but I stand by my suggestion. I really like the final result but we’ll let Amida make the call. 🙂

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