Microphone Problem under Windows 7 and Vista

After I installed the Realtek audio driver on my MacBook under Windows 7 Beta, I could hear music just fine. However, I found that I could not record anything through the microphone. I checked my other MacBook under Vista, and the microphone didn’t work, either. I checked another laptop with Windows 7 Beta, and still, the microphone did not work. I then realized that none of the built-in microphones under Vista and Windows 7 Beta worked.

Some tweaking about the microphone properties got it to work. Here are the steps:

  1. Click on Start (the Windows icon) and type sound.
  2. Click on Sound under Control Panel.
  3. Click on Recording tab. Select Microphone and click on Properties.
  4. Click on Levels tab. The default Microphone Boost is set to 0. Increase it.

Close all the dialog boxes, and the microphone will be ready for use.

[Note: Not all drivers have this settings. I have tested this on Realtek and Sigmatel drivers]

  • Mo

    My “Levels tab” doesn’t have any “Microphone Boost”, only “Microphone”.

  • amida168

    If you cannot find the Microphone Boost option and you still have problems with the microphone, you can try to use the Set up a microphone in control panel to try to set it up.

    • housseni

      dear amida168, i have bought recently a e430 working in Win7 but i cannot find the mic. the mic properties show that the mic is “disconnect” and i can’t connect it. can you help me pls? some people tells me that e430 doesn’t have mic.

      • amida168

        What is the brand of your e430?

  • Cheng

    What type of audio driver are you using?
    I cansee it is a realtek audio driver but i need to know is it the one compatible to Vista, Xp or Else

  • amida168

    The drivers are Realtek and Sigmatel. Both have the microphone boost setting.

  • Randell

    Thanks .. It’s working for me 🙂

  • Tomten

    Thx i really helped 🙂

  • Ram

    Thank you that saved me a lot of time…

  • niko

    thank you very much 🙂

  • rizk

    wow…. cool it works… thx for sharing, let me attach to my blog!!

  • vasu

    its not working for me
    plz post another solution to this problem

    • ACE

      I updated the microphone drivers and that fixed the problem.

  • Donna

    Hi, I tried this as I have a hp 1001 and the same thing happened when i installed windows. I can’t seem to find anything to work and fix this prob, the built in cam works fine it’s just the mic won’t work now, and help will be appreciated heaps thanks.

    • ACE

      Try updating the microphone drivers. That fixed the problem for me.

  • hanin

    not helpful … did not work for me

  • haiming

    hi. Maybe this solution can help me.
    but i have a problem is that i can’t edit the Microphone Boost input table. can you help me? how can i do that?

  • Ellard Chua

    I could see that my computer could here my voice. BUT, when I start using Skype or Yahoo Messenger, the applications won’t detect my voice

  • Madan

    Thanks buddy! Its working for me as you suggested. Thanks a lot

  • Jean

    After inst win 7 my mic does’nt work, says not install. Try to change mic still not working

  • amida168

    I think you need to find the correct driver for you mic.

  • Mike Kelso

    Ok, I tried this and my Microphone sound properties doesn’t have a Microphone Boost. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

    Mike Kelso

  • Mike Kelso

    Here is a picture of what mine looks like:

    • ian

      hey, I don’t know if you got it figured out, but I was getting real pissed off cuz so many solutions said hit the mic boost button and I didn’t have it either. So here’s what I found. Instead of going to the levels tab, go to custom. There, you will find 2 boxes to check. Make sure mic2 select is unchecked. That fixed it for me.

      • john

        My Windows 7 does NOT have the CUSTOM tab and no Mic Boost anywhere. I am not a retard, and have used computers for 20 years. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate.

        • amida168

          Not all drivers have this settings. I have tested this on Realtek and Sigmatel drivers

  • amida168

    This settings really depends on the driver. I have found that not all the drivers have this option. You can try to see if you can find alternative driver for your device.

  • Big Mary Hinge

    I couldn’t get my headphone mic to work in Windows 7 although it works perfectly on Vista and XP. I tried the above advice, moved the “boost” to 30dB
    but still no joy. However I tried Skype, (called the Test Server) and found it could not hear me (obviously) so I went to the settings (Tools – Options – Audio Settings) go to the Microphone settings and the small triangle on the right. Click it and it will reveal a few options. Mine had 5 options (Microphone – (High Definition Audio Device (2) ) worked for me. Just click any option and talk into the mike. As soon as you see the green bars going up and down, thats it!
    Job Done! Save the settings and enjoy. Hope this helps?

  • http://img97.imageshack.us/img97/1386/sound.png

    why i dont have mic ? the headphones and the mic are connected… 🙁

    • amida168

      Try “set up a microphone” in control panel and see if it works.

  • ramesh

    it is better to install IDT audio driver which is in your drivers cd,

    it will work correctly……………

  • highwolf_x

    where do in go to get there?

  • prasad

    my microphone not working in win 7 please help me.

  • lynners

    i tried boosting the levels and it still doesnt work. someone please help since my microphone is not working 🙁

  • boo

    Thanks this really helped! You’d think the default should have been set to 50% instead of 0% !!

  • Abhinav

    my microphone is not working. i can do every settiing of this form but still facing problem with this

    • Afer

      Hi all,

      I have a DELL XPS 1530 and installed Win7 32 bit. My mic was not working, people couldnt hear me on Skype.
      After reading dozens of blogs are getting really angry, I finally found a blog that made sense.

      Go to control panel, and unistall the driver of the sounds and audio. Then without restarting your PC, go to DELL webpage and select your prior Vista 32 or 64bit model and download the audio drivers. Be carful to select the INTERNET EXPLORER option for download. I got this sigmatel drivers and I had to decrease the mic volume. IT WORKS more than needed!!!! However I called a test call in Skype and I could hear perfectly. Hope this helps.


      • Becca

        Thanks’ Afer,

        I had the same problem with Skype, I have a Samsung r519 and removed Win 7 audio mic drivers and reinstalled Vista drivers and it worked for me!


  • Emmur.

    THANK YOU! :’)

  • sUSAN


  • kate

    i have a problem with my mic i had jus instaled windows 7 and i can find michrophone boost like i did before i also instaled audio driver but it dosent apears like before can someone help me? i have a soundmax bord

    • amida168

      What is the model of the soundmax card?

  • Shuja Khan

    thanks you friend….Lots of love

  • Andrew

    I bought a headset, it worked perfectly on windows xp, now that i bought a new laptop with windows 7, both the built-in mic and the headset sounds like a bee in a tin can, Help please. It also cuts in and out. Windows 7, What should i do?

    Context pebble high definition SmartAudio

  • nick

    i got to the control panel and then i did the mic boost but it makes a lound noise when i do it HELP:(

  • SNG

    Hi. My microphone works, but i’ve another problem with my microphone. When I say something, i hear my voice – my voise comes later – with 0.5 sec. So I can’t work.. please help – i’m on windows 7

  • niki

    in recording i dont have nothing

  • Cheek

    I currently have windows 7, ad recently(2 days ago) I was recording with Cool Edit Pro like I have been doing for some time now. My vocals came out fine everything was like it always was. I saved my mix down, went out for a lil bit came back to record again and now all of a sudden im getting skipping when i record. I go to the sound options in the control panel check everything with my mic and it looks fine. I click the recording tab then click the listen tab and when i test my sound its skipping. Like its even skipping when i am not talking into the mic? Can someone help me out??

    • amida168

      If rebooting cannot fix the problem, you can try to reinstall the sound card driver. If reinstallation of the drive does not help, you might have faulty hardware. It’s either bad sound card or mic.

  • Martin Parrao

    I bought a gateway GT5224 about 4 years ago, and I recently updated to Windows 7. The thing is that windows wont recognize my “line in”(the pink jack) and I really need it for recording. On windows xp it used to work perfectly, I don’t know why with windows 7 it wont even recognize it, and yes it’s plunged in correctly, and its not showing up when I right click and check on “show disabled devices” or “show disconnected devices”

    This is the only thing that show up [CHECK LINK]


    Please Help me!!!

    • amida168

      Gateway GT5224 has Sigmatel chipset. Do you have the correct driver installed?

      • Thank You for answering me, I just saw it…

        I’m not sure if I have the right drivers, But I just installed Windows 7 and when I had XP it worked

        Do you know where I can download the drivers? Thank you.

        • amida168

          There is no Sigmatel Windows 7 driver. You can try the driver for Vista.


          • Yes!!! Whoohoo… You Rock!!! You are the best…

            You have no idea how happy I am right now…
            It Worked perfect \I Love You!!! lol thats a little weird but anyway…

            Now I’m gonna be able to start recording videos on YouTube again Thank you, for real…

            I had given up already… You Rock!!

  • swirl

    Hi all!

    I have had the same problem with my microphone since I installed windows 7! I tried all the tricks but nothing seemed to work… after weeks of trawling through blogs and forums I finally found this website! I downloaded the new version of realtek and ran the set up… and it WORKED!! hope it helps!


    • Joseph Vivian

      @swirl.. thousand thanks for you.. i spent one full day trying to solve the prob.. but with the link you gave.. made just a few clicks.. problem solved.. thanks again..

  • Saif

    Thanks it works

  • i am using dg965ry motherboard, my microphone in my headset is not working. can any one help

  • Gladios

    I did all whats on the post but it still dont works

    • amida168

      Maybe you have the wrong driver installed. Do you know what is the model of your sound card?

  • Geetly

    Unfortunately the above steps haven’t worked in my case. Would leave a comment if I find help elsewhere.

  • kajo

    you are a life saver!

    thanks very much!

  • raj

    Thanks alot
    It took me ages and finally sorted out when follow your advice

  • Xanem

    I’ve done this from the beginning only I’m having a bug, as in I have the slider up and it works for a while. At some (a.f.a.i.k. random) point i loose the effect but the slider is still all the way up. To fix it I have to move it (slider) up and down and then i have the effect again. Has anyone heard about this before and (preferably) know a solution?

  • Jeff

    Stop messing with settings. Device Manager, Realtek Audio under Sounds etc. Roll back driver to Microsoft. Do not use Realtek audio driver.

    • amida168

      The Microsoft driver does not always work.

  • Alex

    Thank you so much, I have been trying to solve this problem for 1 million years. My life is accomplished!

  • Ruth

    I did the following after trying LOADS of options!

    I went to the start menu of WINDOWS 7 on my SONY VAIO and I typed in recording audio

    This brought up a dialog box and i selected troubleshooting.

    This allowed me to select my inbuilt microphone and it detected the settings were not the default settings and asked if I would like to change them to default.

    I did this and placed a skye test call and now it works!!


  • Hi there,

    I’ve tried everything on here, but to no avail. I was wondering whether you knew which driver I needed for the Acer 5051AWXMi I’m having trouble with.

    Symptoms are that the mic is either very very quiet, or if you up the boost to 30db, there’s just a very loud feedback sounding whistle.
    It’s usable on 10db, but there’s enough background noise to annoy, and it’s only audible at 100%.
    As per usual, everything was perfect on XP pre upgrade.

    No worries if not, but you don’t ask, you don’t get and all that!

    Thanks for taking the time to help people for no reason.


    • amida168

      I am not sure about 5051. However, if you go to Acer’s download site, you can download drivers for Aspire 5050.


      The drivers are for Vista, but they should work with Windows 7.

      • Thanks, forgot to mentioned that I’ve tried those with no success sadly.

        Thanks again for the suggestions though.