Installing Windows 7 RTM on the New MacBook Pro

specs_display_13_large20090608Ever since Windows 7 Beta, I have installed various versions of Windows 7 on various MacBook and MacBook Pro. When I got the new 13″ MacBook Pro, I thought it’s a cake walk to install Windows 7 RTM on it. I was only half right.

The installation of Windows 7 RTM itself is not very difficult. The procedure is similar to the steps in my previous post about installing Windows 7 Beta on my own MacBook. The problems lies in the drivers installation.

The Leopard DVD has most of the drivers. At first, I could not get the drivers to install, because Windows 7 is not officially supported. I then found out this patch that lets you install the BootCamp drivers on the Leopard DVD. The patch is called Apple BootCamp Patch LIMO. Here is the link to the download site. Follow the instructions on the readme file to install the drivers.

The sound chip driver was not installed even after the BootCamp drivers installation. This took me the longest to figure out. I tried the Realtek driver first, because that’s what I did for the other MacBook. However, the sound chip was not made by Realtek. Using the vendor ID and device ID, I identified the sound chip’s manufacturer is Cirrus. There is already a Cirrus driver on the Leopard disc. You can use the Cirrus driver for Vista. The driver works, but the volume output is low. This is a major complaint on the Apple’s discussions forum. Here is the original thread. cmosquera, henry128 and others have figured out a way to fix the volume problem. Here are the downloads:

Vista/Windows 7 32 bit

Vista/Windows 7 64bit

Here is a problem that I do not have a solution yet. That is the microphone volume. I am able to record voice using the sound recorder program and the bulit-in mic. However, the other applications like Skype cannot use the microphone at all. The program recognizes the microphone as the sound input device, but it keeps complaining that the sound level is too low. If you know how to fix this, please tell us in the comments section.

The last part is the graphic card driver. The card is not recognized, so manual installation is required. The graphic card is a Nvidia GeForce 9400M. A simple download from the Nvidia takes care of it.