Black Screen After Windows 7 Upgrade

We have been doing a lot of XP upgrades since January. One problem I encountered was with how the machine boots to a black screen after upgrading to Windows 7. There are quite a few articles on how to fix the problem. Here is a short list.

I have tried some of these suggestions, but they did not solve my problem. In the end, I replaced the video card, and I was able to get the machine to boot normally.

I ran into the same problem yesterday. However, I could not just replace the video card because this machine had a more powerful card for a certain program. I do not have a video card with similar specs as a replacement.

I tried to re-install the video card driver but to no effect. I tried to install the driver from the manufacturer’s web site; still, it did not work. In the end, I replaced it with a different card just to test. if It worked after the card was replaced. I then took the video card out and put the original video card in. To my surprise, the machine booted up just fine with the original card.

So, if you have this problem, besides trying out the suggestions in those articles, you can try to swap a different video card and then swap back to the original card and see if it works for you.

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