Coursera: R Programming Week 1 Tips

After taking The Data Scientist’s Toolbox in the Coursera’s Data Science Signature Track, R Programming is my second Coursera course. The Data Scientist’s Toolbox is very easy, I only spent like a few hours each week to finish the quizz and assignment and I always waited until the last day to do it. When I worked on the first programming assignment for R programming, I still waited until the due day. However, I then realized the lectures did not prepare me for the assignment! After working non-stop for several hours straight, I finally submitted the first assignment on time. Here are some of the tips I gather during the course. I hope it’s useful for someone.

Week 1 is the easiest one, because there is no programming assignment. Remember there is an optional swirl assignment? I strongly recommend finishing this assignment this week. It has a lot of materials which are not covered in the lectures. One added benefit is that you can get bonus points for this assignment. Please check this web site for more details about swirl package.


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