iPhone 6/6S Plus Case, New Trent Alixo 6L Rugged Transparent Clear Bumper Case Review

This is the second clear case I’ve gotten for my iPhone 6 Plus. My first clear case was the Ringke Fusion TPU Bumper Case, which is also good. The shipping is fast even without the 2-day prime shipping. The case comes in a nice paper box that includes the bumper case, two front covers, and a single-use wipe to clean your phone before installation.

The case is made of two different materials. The bumper part is made of rubberized TPU, while the back part is made of hard plastic. I really like this design. It provides great protection to the phone while the clear back showcases the original design of the iPhone. The bumper part also provides some grip, so the phone is not as slippery. The buttons are all covered and raised. It’s easy to press the buttons without looking at the case. It’s easy to switch the mute switch as well. There are plugs that cover the lightning charging port and the headphone jack. I have no problems with charging. However, the cut-out for the headphone is small. I couldn’t easily connect my Sennheiser HD 201 headphone to the headphone jack with the case on. If your headphone has a big connector, you might want to consider buying a different case or trying to make the headphone cut-out bigger.

The case comes with two front covers, one black cover and one white cover. The covers have built-in screen protectors. I already have a nice Tech Armor screen protector on my phone, but I was able to fit the phone with the screen protector in this case. I do not have problems with the touch functionality with two screen protectors. Note that I have an iPhone 6 Plus, not an iPhone 6S Plus. Therefore, I am not sure if 3D Touch works properly in this case. There is a protector on the home button. Remember to remove the protector before installation if you want to use Touch ID. I do notice the rainbow effect, but I can only see it at a certain angle, so it does not bother me. The front covers are a bit flimsy. If you don’t handle them with care, you might break or bend them.


  1. Strong bumper protecting the phone.
  2. Two front covers are included.
  3. Charging port and headphone are plugged to prevent dust from getting inside the phone.
  4. Built-in screen protector included. There is no need to buy an extra screen protector.


  1. The case is bulkier than the other slim cases.
  2. Headphone cut-out is small.
  3. The front cover is flimsy.

Overall, I give this case 4.5 stars. Compared to the Ringke case, the Ringke case is slimmer but is also quite slippery to hold.

Note that I am part of the New Trent Pilot program. I bought the case at a discount in exchange for my review.

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