/Broadcom USH Windows 10 Drivers

Broadcom USH Windows 10 Drivers

I was setting up a Dell Latitude with Windows 10. When I tried to turn on BitLocker, I got a message saying there is no TPM module on the system. I then realized that the driver for TPM module was not installed. When I opened up Device Manager I saw there is an unknown device called Broadcom USH. I tried to search the driver on Dell’s web site, but I was not successful.

I learned that the driver is not called Broadcom USH, that’s why I could not find it on Dell.com. The driver is called Dell ControlVault. Here are the links for the drivers. Note that the links might be broken later on. If the links are no longer working, please search Dell ControVault Windows 10 Driver.

Dell ControlVault Win10 64 bit Driver

Dell ControlVault Win10 32 bit Driver