After I got a LG F3 as a backup phone, I started to flash different ROMs for my HTC One X. One recent ROM I tried is KarbonKat. It’s based on CM11, which is a KitKat ROM. The ROM seems to be more stable than the official CM11 nightly that IContinue Reading

It took me a while to figure out how to root my HTC One X phone from AT&T. After I finally got TWRP installed, I backed up the phone using TWRP. When I tried to connect the phone to my computer, I could not find those files using Windows Explorer.Continue Reading

A few months ago, my iPhone 4’s original battery couldn’t last more than a day. I bought a 3rd party battery to replace the original one. To my dismay, the replacement battery only lasted a bit longer than the old battery. I contacted the seller of the new battery. TheyContinue Reading