A few months ago, my iPhone 4’s original battery couldn’t last more than a day. I bought a 3rd party battery to replace the original one. To my dismay, the replacement battery only lasted a bit longer than the old battery. I contacted the seller of the new battery. TheyContinue Reading

When I jailbroke my iPhone 4 with iOS 4.3.1, I used the TinyUmbrella method to preserve the baseband. One drawback of this combination is that the signal bar is always shown as one bar. The iPhone Dev Team released ultrasn0w to unlock your iPhone while fixing the signal bar problem.Continue Reading

Lonely Planet is offering their travel guides for US and Canada cities for free. Each guide was originally $5.99, and there are 13 guides to choose from. The offer ends at 6:00PM PST Friday, February 4th 2011. •         San Francisco •         New York City •         Boston •         Washington DC •        Continue Reading

On friday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced the iPhone case giveaway to consumers to fix the “death grip” problem: the wireless signal is sometimes muffled because the user is holding the device with a bare hand. This dilemma has been voiced by many users ever since the phone’s release inContinue Reading

Do you remember those old iPhone apps that simply displayed a white background for you to use it as a fake flash light? With the introduction of the iPhone 4, you can use your iPhone 4 as a real flash light. There are several iPhone apps that can use theContinue Reading

iPhone 4 has many more capabilities compared to its predecessors. With FaceTime, video calling will be enabled with its new front-facing camera. Its increased 960-by-640 resolution in a 3.5 inch screen allows you to view images with a never-seen-before clarity. What’s more, it can allow you to use multiple applicationsContinue Reading