There are two locations for MioMap to store maps. When you connect your C230 to the computer with a SD card in it. Assuming that C230 shows up as F drive and the storage card (SD card) shows up as G drive, the two locations are F:\MioMap\MioMap\MAPS (or F:\MioMap\MioMap2\MAPS ifContinue Reading

One reader has contributed a great hack to add an Exit Door to the main screen of MioMap 3.3. It’s easier to quit MioMap this way and MioMap shuts off cleanly without the need to reset the machine. This hack is only useful if you have unlocked your Mio C230.Continue Reading

I always thought POI Explorer is the only way to add custom POIs to Mio C230. I just found out a feature of C230. Adding custom POIs is so easy. Find the POI set from the sites like . Download the POI set in Google Earth format (kml). CreateContinue Reading

[8/28/2008] Updated post The default speedcam file for Mio C230 has 0 speed camera which is not useful. I found this post that you can download the speed camera files for US. You will need to register in order to download the attached zip file. The file is called “speedcamContinue Reading

When I first successfully unlocked Mio C230, the major goal was to have a reliable working unit. I didn’t spend much time tweaking it. Here is my first take on tweaking it. Here are what I have done in addition to the first release. I didn’t find a good setContinue Reading

If you are a regular of my blog. You know that I bought a Garmin C320 last year. I liked my Garmin C320 a lot. I even bought a dash mount accessory for it. Unfortunately, the unit got stolen from my car along with the dash mount!!!I was on theContinue Reading

Original Release This is the original release that started it all. It is the first unlock guide ever published for Mio C230. The guide has made hacking/unlocking Mio C230 possible and it has inspired other efforts for making Mio C230 a wonderful device to own. Release 2 In the firstContinue Reading