I started helping my users with using Python on Mac OS X. This post will be a work in progress. I will add to it when I learn more about using Python on Mac OS X. These commands should work on 10.11 or later. Installing modules The default method ofContinue Reading

There are a few apps which still require the legacy Java to work. If you need to install the legacy Java using command line. Follow these steps. curl -Lo javaforosx.dmg “http://support.apple.com/downloads/DL1572/en_US/javaforosx.dmg” hdiutil attach javaforosx.dmg sudo installer -pkg /Volumes/Java\ for\ OS\ X\ 2015-001/JavaForOSX.pkg -target / hdiutil detach /Volumes/Java\ for\ OS\ X\ 2015-001/

We recently had some reports about Macs freeze on booting. The computers are all running the latest Yosemite. Here are the possible fixes for this problem. I listed them here with the detailed instructions on Apple’s website. Reset NVRam. Reset SMC. Boot to Safe Mode and reboot again. On most machines,Continue Reading

Some users reported networking issues on the latest Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks. I got this tip from my colleague, and it seems to fix the intermittent network problem. The fix is to create or edit this configuration file /etc/sysctl.conf . Add or edit this line net.link.ether.inet.arp_unicast_lim=0 If you are familiarContinue Reading