We helped our users with a particular problem with Outlook for Windows. The symptoms are the same. It usually happens after the users changed their passwords. When they open Outlook after the password change, it would stuck on the splash screen and you never get a chance to enter yourContinue Reading

We just got notified by our security department that they want us to disable TLS 1.0 for the remote desktop connection because it’s not considered secure. In order to disable TLS 1.0, you need to modify the registry. The registry key is not there by default. You will have toContinue Reading

When we tried to install the Internet Explorer 11 on a recently repaired Windows 7 machine, we ran to this error message. Internet Explorer did not finish installing For more information, see the Internet Explorer Troubleshooter. This link is also on your desktop for later reference. Here are the stepsContinue Reading

I did a repair installation of Windows 7 for my user’s computer. After the repair installation is done, we got this script error message whenever we open Box Drive. We found that the problem was caused by the Internet Explorer. After repair installation, the IE version was rolled back toContinue Reading

If you ever want to use command line to manage BitLocker, there is a tool called manage-bde just for that purpose. If you have not used a command line tool before, remember to open an elevated command prompt first to type the command. Here are some examples: Show status manage-bdeContinue Reading