License: Freeware Link: Original site One user has requested this application. It a tactical glide computer for the Pocket PC operating system. The original program is available as a cab file which can be installed on a regular PDA running PocketPC operating system. The installation on PNA like Navigon 2100Continue Reading

Nextar 43LT runs on iGo Amigo which has a lot of settings you can change through sys.txt and system.ini. I want to keep a record of the original settings just in case I do something bad. sys.txt is in iGo directory of the storage card and system.ini is in iGo/saveContinue Reading

While I was searching for info about iGo Amigo, I cam across this Nextar 43LT GPS. It’s the first GPS in North America with iGo Amigo and it also comes with lifetime live traffic update(in selected markets) .  Nextar 43LT is only available at Best Buy. It was on saleContinue Reading

One of my forum readers has come up with a way to unlock a Chicago 8000 GPS. If you happen to have a Chicago 8000 GPS, you can follow the instructions in this thread . Thank you Jackwang878!

I helped one forum user to modify my Navigon unlock package to use in a Mio C230. The default navigation software is Destinator. The original thread is here. Note that the tweaks application is only for Navigon 2100. Please just ignore it.

I am going to post a series of articles about unlocking and customizing Navigon 2100 GPS. Note that unlocking is a process to enable your Windows CE based GPS to run other programs not intended by the manufacturers. It is possible to run other Navigation software like iGo or TomTomContinue Reading