Days before Windows 7 goes public, Apple announces its new line up of Macs today. Here are some of the highlights. Macbook Unibody enclosure 7-hour battery LED backlight display Glass multi-touch trackpad Magic Mouse First multi-touch mouse iMac Bigger 27″ or 21.5″ screen Comes standard with a wireless keyboard andContinue Reading

The Windows 7 Beta on my MacBook was about to expire, so I reinstalled Vista on it. After the installation, I put in the Leopard DVD and installed the drivers. Initially, the drivers installation was not successful. I just downloaded the BootCamp 2.1 update from Apple and intalled it. AllContinue Reading

After installing Windows 7 x64 RC on my Core i7 workstation, I got to try it on my MacBook (early 2008) today. The installation procedure is similar to the procedure of installing Windows 7 Beta. Here is my notes about the process. The only thing different is the installation ofContinue Reading