The major problem when I tried to use Mio C230 to find geocaches is that by default the static navigation is turned on. What is static navigation. Murphyfields has found a great link about static navigation. Here is the quote about static navigation from SiRF. 93. Explain the static navigationContinue Reading

If you have any new features that you would like to see in the future unlocking guide, please comment here. The use of unlicensed maps is illegal. Please don’t ask where can you get maps not licensed for your device or how can you get MioMap to recognize the unlicensedContinue Reading

Some of you might have tried to modify the SYS.TXT file in the MioMap (or MioMap2) directory to let MioMap behave differently. I found a post by Andy Elliott. You can find a lot of information regarding SYS.TXT. Note that the way he posted the info is not what youContinue Reading

You have played some simple games on your unlocked Mio C230. Mio C230 is actually powerful enough for more sophisticated games. I have tried ScummVM and it rocks! So what is ScummVM? Here is the quote for ScummVM’s web site. ScummVM is a program which allows you to run certainContinue Reading

There are a lot of MioMap v3.2 skins out there, but there are not a lot of MioMap v3.3 skins. There is also no skin tested for C230 either at the time of this writing. With help from MoonBear at, I was able to modify a split screen skinContinue Reading

MioMap (iGo) uses DATA.ZIP for a lot of user interface configurations. I have included the DATA.ZIP from my US Mio C230 in my unlocking guide. My reader found that the DATA.ZIP is not compatible with EU model. I am starting this post and record whatever tweaks I know for it.Continue Reading