When I installed Windows 7 Beta on my Acer Ferrari 3400, the Synaptics Touchpad was recognized as a PS/2 compatible mouse. I missed the scroll function of the touchpad driver. Since the Windows 7 is just beta, there is no dedicated driver for it. However, I found that the driverContinue Reading

When Microsoft first published Vista, the network feature “Auto-Tuning” has created a lot of headache among the users. So, does Windows 7 have this feature enabled? Yes, you bet. You can follow the same steps like the ones in this post to disable it. Here is the screenshot of theContinue Reading

The Vista Service Pack 1 is finally available to general public. You can download it here. http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/windowsvista/bb738089.aspx You need at least of 3 GB disk space to install it. One of my colleagues reported problems with one system file (tcpip.sys). He has tried to installed it several times and alwaysContinue Reading

Vista has a cool feature called DreamScene. It lets you play a video file on your computer’s desktop. However, it’s available only on Ultimate edition of Vista. You can somehow simulate it on Windows machines using VLC Media Player. Download VLC Media Player from this site and install it. ChangeContinue Reading

We have third party firewalls on all our XP machines, so I had to disable the built-in firewall for XP using domain GPO. Now that Vista is out, the situation is different. The third party firewall doesn’t work under Vista. Therefore, we have to rely on the built-in firewall forContinue Reading