My colleague forwarded an email  from a Microsoft employee to me. It’s about Windows 7 RC news. It is confirmed that Windows 7 RC will be released in just a few weeks. It can be downloaded from, TechNet and MSDN when it’s available. The downloads will be available atContinue Reading

There are some useful printing administration scripts since XP. When I tried to use them on Windows 7 Beta, I couldn’t run them. They are not in the system path. I found them in %SystemRoot%\System32\Printing_Admin_Scripts\en-US where %SystemRoot% is usually C:\Windows . To use these scripts, you can set your pathContinue Reading

PCMark05 is my favorite benchmark program for PC performance. I never had a problem running it. I tried to run it on my newly built Core i7 machine under XP, it hangs at splash screen. I had to use task manager to kill the process. I thought it doesn’t likeContinue Reading

There are not a lot of native drivers for Windows 7 Beta now. Even though you can use the Vista drivers for most of the components. Sometimes, you might need to use the compatibility mode to install those old drivers or application. To use the compatibility mode, follow these steps.Continue Reading

[Update 5/5/2009] The new location for ATI Catalyst Driver for Windows 7 is here. I did some benchmark testing comparing 3D performance under XP and Windows 7. I was quite dissapointed at how poorly the 3D performs under Windows 7.  I set out to find some other drivers and IContinue Reading