Windows Media Player Plugin for FireFox under Vista

I recently visited some web sites which needs Windows Media Player for their multimedia contents. FireFox complained about x-mplayer2 plugin not available. I found this page which solves my problem.

The solution is easy. Just download these two files ( npdsplay.dll and npwmsdrm.dll ) . Copy the files to FireFox’s plugins directory (mine is in C:Program FilesMozilla Firefoxplugins ). Restart FireFox and you are done.

For those who don’t trust, you can download the plugins directly from Here is the link. After installation, the plugins are in “c:Program FilesWindows Media Player” directory. Just copy the files to the FireFox’s plugins directory.


  • cougar

    Thanks for posting that. Copied the two dll’s, just in case, so Firefox hasn’t to complain that much 😉

  • chris

    That’s great, thanks for the post firefox works a treat now!

  • DOC

    “PERFECT!!” Worked as stated above! “HUGE THANKS!”

  • bdshipon

    i cannt install media plugins that was writen above.

  • amida168


    If you have problems installing the plugins, just copy the two files over the FireFox plugin directory manually.

  • How do you install those two .dll files on a Mac computer?

  • amida168


    The files are for Windows only. You need to download the WMV component from Microsoft for your Mac.

  • Eldon

    Thanks that worked great for my firefox.

  • Thanks alot works great!!!

  • Kuri

    Works very well.

    Thanks for solving this annoying problem!

  • Ashok