I am a sys admin for a small size network. My environment includes Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. I use this blog to record whatever I find useful about computers.

I started to write unlocking guides for PNA devices since 2007. These guides have made my site even more popular than before. Now my site has coverage for both computers and gadgets.

If you ever wonder what does kombitz mean? The site was originally hosted by wordpress.com under the name computerbits. When I decided to go self hosted, I wanted a web 2.0 name. We finally came up with kombitz which is based upon computerbits with a twist.



  1. Hey I was wondering if you can help? I have a Canadian Mio C230 and I really need the US maps, specifically New York and Pennsylvania, as I going to Philadelphia next week and I can’t find a place to buy it and get it before I have to leave.

    Any chance you know a link for where I could borrow the maps until I get the proper CD?

  2. Google will tell you. You may not have to ‘borrow’. As an owner of a Canadian Mio, you should (operative word) have the North America license to leagally run US maps, most likely 2007.1, just as US owners can leagally run Canadian maps. (Can anyone confirm or deny this on Canadian Mios?) But you need to know which license you have so you can run the legal maps.

    Another easy way to tell… put the map in your map folder. If it works, you have the license = legal. If not, no license = not legal… delete it.

  3. Your 3.1 hack is fantastic. You have done a great job. I had a question regarding the 3.1 version. Is there a way to uninstall light on, ICBM and free cell from the 3.1 package. They give me problems and I have to hard start the unit everytime I or someone else turns it on. Also, everytime i connect my mio to my laptop and ransfer, the mio 230 hangs and I have to hard start it again.

  4. Harry,

    Thanks for your compliment. You can remove the games or other applications by editing the main.ini file. Unfortunately, you have to hard reset your unit every time you connect it to your computer. I am working on a new release which would lessen the problem.

  5. Hi everyone,

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  6. Hello,

    I’ve enjoyed your blog and was wondering how much it would cost per month to advertise with a link in your sidebar.

    Thank you,


  7. Scott,

    I sent an email to the account you left. If that’s not a valid account, please comment again and leave your email address. Thanks.

  8. Hi! Love your site. It’s because of all the information you have provided that I am able to fully utilize my C230. So thanks a lot!

    I have a problem that I’ve run into which if solved might be helpful to a lot more people.

    I tried to install the trial version of IntelliGolf and I can’t get it to work. I am installing this on hacked Mio C230. I am asking this question here in case you all have run into a similar problem before with other apps.

    – I couldn’t get Intellisync to connect to 230 so I had to install it using wceload. I copied the igolf.ARM.CAB file from C:\Program Files\IntelliGolf\ppc to SD and installed it locally using wceload.

    – The install went fine as long as I can tell. The only file I see in the installation directory is igolf.exe. Should I see more files there?

    – When I try to run the program I get this error message:

    Cannot find ‘igolf’ (or one of its components). Make sure the path and filename are correct and that all the required libraries are available.

    – I did copy aygshell.dll to the installation directory but that didn’t make any difference either.

    Please let me know if you all have any suggestions.


  9. Ankur

    Sounds pretty common. Lots of programs like that. The Win CE core is missing many of the needed files, and the great people here keep finding ways around these limitations. And the more people who work on the problem, the more solutions will become available. So keep trying and keep posting.

  10. Ankur,

    Like Murphyfields said, it’s pretty common for trying out applications on Mio C230. I can try it when I get a chance. If you have other requests, please comment in the wishlist post.

  11. Thanks for the canada maps! I have them on both my c230’s and they work great. I will say the one problem I have is that my mio’s refuse to go on the thousand islands bridge from the 401 to interstate 81.
    it will take the bridge in cornwall or the ferry in cape vincent but NOT the thousand islands bridge.
    thanks for the help

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