How to Batch Load Videos in Comfy UI

A while ago, I published a Comfy UI workflow to upscale and increase the frame rate of a video. When you have a lot of videos to process, it becomes very tedious. I spent some time figuring out how to batch load the videos to reduce manual input. Please read on to learn how to do this.



  • Start ComfyUI.
  • Click on the image below and drag and drop the full-size image to the ComfyUI canvas.
  • Click on Manager on the ComfyUI windows.

  • Click on Install Missing Custom Nodes and install any missing nodes. Close the window when the installation is done.

  • Click on Update All to update ComfyUI and the nodes.

  • Close ComfyUI and restart it.


  • The usage for the upscaling and increasing frame rate has been covered in this post. Please refer to it for details.
  • Enter the directory where you keep the videos and the file names with wild card. In this case, I have mp4 files in D:\test, so I entered D:\test\*.mp4 .

  • Check the Extra options under Queue Prompt and enter the number of videos files you want to process in Batch count. I have two videos in that directory, so I entered 2 in the box

  • Finally click on Queue Prompt to start. That’s it. It took me serveral hours to figure this out. Hopefully, this is helpful to you.



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