Universal HDD Adapter USB to SATA and PATA

I often need to test internal hard drives for my job. In the IDE era, I have an adapter for 3.5″ PATA hard drive and an adapter for 2.5″ PATA hard drive. With USB to PATA(IDE) adapters, I can connect those internal hard drives to a computer using a USB cable. Now that almost all internal hard drives are SATA. I need to find adapters for SATA drives. I thought I need to buy one for 3.5″ SATA and one for 2.5″ SATA.

I then found this universal adapter from Apricorn. It works with not only 3.5″ and 2.5″ SATA but also 3.5″ and 2.5″ PATA drives. It even includes software for you to clone hard drives on Windows or Mac.

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