Wishlist for Unlocking Mio C230

If you have any new features that you would like to see in the future unlocking guide, please comment here.

The use of unlicensed maps is illegal. Please don’t ask where can you get maps not licensed for your device or how can you get MioMap to recognize the unlicensed maps. Any question regarding unlicensed maps will either be deleted or ignored.

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  1. This is from murphyfields,

    OK, I’ll elaborate a little on what I would call the murphyfields dream machine. Actually, there are various flavors of this, depending on what people want. For all of these, the bottom line is simplicity…just stick in an SD card, turn it on, and you have your desired machine. Turn it off, take out the card, and it is back to factory default.

    There are a lot of people out there that are afraid to do anything on their 230. For them, the best option is to have them set up a SD card, stick it in, turn it on, and presto, they have an improved system. The down side is that, if I had that option i probably would not have learned as much about this, and that probably applies to others as well.

    And now, the MIO menu

    For the timid that want to feel a little adventurous we offer


    simply select your desired skin, preferably from a PC menu (non on the MIO), create the SD, and BAM, skinned MIO without pressing a button on the unit other than to turn it on.


    Stick in the SD, turn it on, and suddenly you have 12M POIs and full US and Canada maps. Is there a way to get the MIO to look at the SD for the maps instead of internally, other than renaming or deleting something on the mother system? Suddenly the c230 doubles in value.


    Basically the fine package you have now. Only other features (maybe): It would be nice to copy the original DATA.ZIP to the SD when your package starts, and have the option to copy it back so that the user can BACK OFF without the use of a computer or having to use any file management routines on the MIO. This is what I was thinking of with the I would expect that you would have to occasionally save the current setup occasionally to avoid losing custom mods while it is on. Not quite sure how this would happen.


    Same as above, but with instructions on how to install and update custom features. I think you have enough info for that available so maybe I will tackle that one eventually.

    Finally, on a side note, I noticed in AUTOPATCHER that there is a line assigning My Documents to the storage card. Will the same thing work with Program Files and other such items?

    Thanks again for offering this forum.

  2. Hi,

    This is my wishlist :

    – speedtacho(meter) (not working for me … always 0 km/h)

    – games

    – games

    – and games


    (did i say i like games?)

  3. A few more wishes…

    Different icons for POIs

    Better POI editing routines.

    A way to edit the igo.db files.

    OK, these are all kind of grouped together.


  4. A way to extract POI info from igo.db into a program running on the C230, especially the home and work coordinates.

  5. Dominique,

    There are actually more games in the Script\Programs\Games directory. I ran out of the game desktop space, so I didn’t include all of them. 🙂 You can also download more games from http://www.xflib.net . Please donate to their site if you like the games. They didn’t get any donations since I donated.

  6. I’d love for the C230 to be able to play .flv files if it doesn’t already. The only trouble I seem to find is that there are crummy flv players out there except one in particular I use on my web site. JEROENWIJERING.COM -(http://www.jeroenwijering.com) – I use the Media player, but you can choose from several different players… granted I know we’re not web streaming here, but the player is very simple and plays the .flv files like a charm!

    Again if the media player within the C230 doesn’t already play .flv files it would be silly not to look into getting something like this to play .flv files since they are heavily compressed video files that look extremely well!

  7. Nathan,

    The TCPMP player does play .flv files using FLV1 codec. However, there are a lot of .flv files which are not coded using FLV1.

  8. ive just returned from the states where i bought a miol c230 and would likr=e to know how i can get a map of the united kingdom to work when i put in my sd card nothing happens any help would be great

  9. Hi,

    absolutely perfect,

    works just fine.

    Just a little something? Is there a way to change the colour of the icons’

    text? In the main.ini file I just found how to change the colour of the time.

    It would be helpful to use i.e. dark fonts for lighter backgrounds…

    Thanks in any case….

  10. Hmmmm,

    another problem

    I have downloaded some new europe’s maps.

    I add them to the directory with the other maps,

    but miomap says that the new maps I’ve added are locked.

    What should I do?

    Thank you once more…

  11. The use of unlicensed maps is illegal. Please don’t ask where can you get maps not licensed for your device or how can you get MioMap to recognize the unlicensed maps. Any question regarding unlicensed maps will either be deleted or ignored.

  12. Are updated maps and POI’s available for the C230…are they available and can they be added to the SD card only so the unit reads maps from the card instead of internally for states that have been added?

  13. @Jflash0000

    There is no official updated maps from Mio Tech. You can download the maps with 12M POIs though. Here is the post. You need to make a backup of your old maps and delete the old maps from the internal flash to avoid conflicts.


    There is a program called GoogleMV that you can convert google maps to maps used by NoniGPSPlot.

  14. Amida168 – you do a great job. If I could add 1 item that would be a photo slideshow screen saver .

    Thank you

  15. Amida168 – you do a great job.
    — Here Here —

    If I could add 1 item that would be a photo slideshow screen saver .
    — Here Here —

  16. Is there a way to use the C230 for hiking in the woods? A way to use it with contour maps, etc. that the hiking type GPS use?

    Best Regards,

  17. Mike,
    There is a program called NoniGPSPlot. I have a post on how to install it. I am trying out OziExplorerCE which is also a similar program.

  18. I’ve got instructions on how to delete history in my blog, eric. After downloading the package, you really only need to keep the sql file if you don’t mind manually doing the other steps.



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