Vista Service Pack 1 Available

The Vista Service Pack 1 is finally available to general public. You can download it here.

You need at least of 3 GB disk space to install it. One of my colleagues reported problems with one system file (tcpip.sys). He has tried to installed it several times and always ends up with a crippled system. I am installing it on my testing machine and see how it goes.

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  1. Hi Amida,

    a question having nothing to do with C230. i just bought my daughters laptops with Vista Home Premium on them. One was at SP1, and the other wasn’t. Does Windows Update in fact bring them to the same level when all is said and done? I’m assuming that SP1 just bypasses the need for some updates.

  2. c230,

    Nope, SP1 has many improvements too. You definitely want to install SP1 on your Vista box. I don’t recommend Vista until now because of SP1.

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