/How to Unlock Mio Moov Series GPS

How to Unlock Mio Moov Series GPS

I have been eyeing the Mio Moov series GPS ever since they were announced. The biggest change to this line of Mio GPS is that MioMap is no longer based upon iGo. It is now based upon Navman. The unlock procedure is thus different from other series of Mio GPS.

There is an excellent website dedicated to unlocking Navman GPS. You can modify the package for Mio Moov. What you need to do is find out the path to put the unlock package on the SD card. I found these on the GpsPasSion forum.

– Mio Moov 200 Europe : Cobia_300_32
– Mio Moov 370 Europe : Cobia_T420_64
– Mio Moov 200 USA : Cobia_300_64_NA
– Mio Moov 300 USA : Cobia_400_64_NA

Here is the original thread. If your model is not listed, you can plug your Mio Moov to the computer and look for a file called app_startup.txt. This file gives you clues about what is the path name for your model. This is a sample line for Mio Moov 300.

RunSDCardExecutable(SmartST_CE - Run()): CreateProcess(\Storage card\Cobia_400_64_NA\auto.exe) failed, error 2

Note that I don’t have a Mio Moov GPS, so I cannot give you advice on how to unlock your Mio Moov. You can discuss the issues and problems in the original thread on MioNav.com (GpsPasSion.com) .

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[Update: 11/18/2008]
If you are interested in porting my unlock package to Mio Moov, please join this thread for discussion.