How to Unlock Mio Moov Series GPS

I have been eyeing the Mio Moov series GPS ever since they were announced. The biggest change to this line of Mio GPS is that MioMap is no longer based upon iGo. It is now based upon Navman. The unlock procedure is thus different from other series of Mio GPS.

There is an excellent website dedicated to unlocking Navman GPS. You can modify the package for Mio Moov. What you need to do is find out the path to put the unlock package on the SD card. I found these on the GpsPasSion forum.

– Mio Moov 200 Europe : Cobia_300_32
– Mio Moov 370 Europe : Cobia_T420_64
– Mio Moov 200 USA : Cobia_300_64_NA
– Mio Moov 300 USA : Cobia_400_64_NA

Here is the original thread. If your model is not listed, you can plug your Mio Moov to the computer and look for a file called app_startup.txt. This file gives you clues about what is the path name for your model. This is a sample line for Mio Moov 300.

RunSDCardExecutable(SmartST_CE - Run()): CreateProcess(\Storage card\Cobia_400_64_NA\auto.exe) failed, error 2

Note that I don’t have a Mio Moov GPS, so I cannot give you advice on how to unlock your Mio Moov. You can discuss the issues and problems in the original thread on ( .

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  1. this method doesnt unlock
    device so i cannot see flash memory, sd etc.
    i can see only settings.

  2. Maybe you didn’t follow the instructions correctly. Several people have reported that they unlocked Mio Moov GPS successfully.

  3. Hey amida168

    Are you absolutly sure that after the hack, you will see the drivers and not just the seetings?

    and add app like any other hack for old mio series.

  4. amida, shark i unlocked it!!!!!!!!!
    i had forgotten to put the mmoov200 file.
    all is ok.
    amida thank you very much

  5. Well done! lioltgo

    What mmoov200 file do you mean.

    Can you please post all the organized process for unlock it, i’ll get my mio200 US this weekend.

    10x a lot for the help.

    2.Place in \Mio Device\Program Files\Unlock\Programs with your Moov connected to your PC
    3.i renamed ”mio device” to ”Cobia_400_64_NA ”
    4.Make a backup copy of your Navman directories/files and prepare your SD Card(FAT NOT FAT32) as per directions on the following link.
    5.(using an SDcard Reader)
    1. Remove the SDcard from your navman place in card reader.
    2. Create a new folder on the SDcard with the same name as your device. For example if device is Navman S30 name the folder S30, if device is Navman S50 name the folder S50 and so on.
    3. Copy the files in to the new folder.
    4. Remove the SDcard from the card reader and insert it back into your Navman.
    5. Reset/Reboot Navman *The unlock hack will run automatically as the device reboots*
    6. Remove the SDcard from Navman place in card reader again and delete contents.
    7. Remove the SDcard from card reader and replace into Navman.
    8. Reset/Reboot Navman


  7. lioltgo,
    Thanks for your step-by-step instructions.

    Regarding the on/off button, I ran to the similar problem when I unlocked my Mio C230. I found that the original unlocking package exits out MainShell after unlocking. I had to make sure MainShell is running in order to have a functional on/off button. You might want to check the Navman package and see if you can find a similar program.

  8. Amida

    What did you do to make sure MainShell was running after unlocking. I don’t see any mention of it in Autopatcher.

  9. Murphyfields,
    In the original script.mscr, there is a line that closes MainShell. I had to comment that line out to make sure MainShell is running.

  10. lioltgo
    on step 3 of your instructions

    3.i renamed ”mio device” to ”Cobia_400_64_NA ”

    what do you mean by renamed mio device

    please exceuse my ignorance. thanks

  11. derek it is simple.
    i renamed ”Mio device”(this is the name of Flash memory) to Cobia…

  12. liotgo, I can’t find where “mio device” is to rename.
    2.Place in \Mio Device\Program Files\Unlock\Programs with your Moov connected to your PC
    3.i renamed ”mio device” to ”Cobia_400_64_NA ”

    I understand above step 1. and 2. but I do not understand step 3. Is “mio device” embedded in the somewhere?
    Thanks, Derek

  13. i destroyed my first miomoov…….
    i removed a file(startup mscr..) so i cannot connect my mio to pc.
    pc doesnt regognize it.
    amida any idea?

  14. lioltgo, my pc also sees the moov as “mio device” , but if I try to rename it, it only allows 11 characters. So I can’t change the name to “cobia_300_64_NA
    How did you manage to change the name to 15 characaters. Thanks, Derek

  15. lioltgo – I did everything but nothing happens either when I reset moov 200 or put in sd card. It is like my moov doesn’t even go out to the sd card?????

    “2. Create a new folder on the SDcard with the same name as your device. For example if device is Navman S30 name the folder S30, if device is Navman S50 name the folder S50 and so on.
    3. Copy the files in”

    what did you name your folder for the moov 200? Does it even matter about what the name is? I named mine “200”.
    Thanks, Derek

  16. especcialy for lioltgo:
    you wrote:”i destroyed my first miomoov…….”
    your first? you have an other new one i suppose, i hope you didn’t throw the first one away…

    I have an mio moov 370 unlocked…
    i did this procedure several times after I totaly blocked my mio moov, like you did…

    here is the answer for you:

    really HARD reset for blocked Mio moov:

    put the mio moov on and let the batterys run low even empty… when they are totaly empty mio moov will turn off…
    after that when you plug in electricity, mio moov will reinstall flash disk… and you will have clean working mio moov… one thing: mio moov will recopy the files that are needed, so files you changed will be in its original form; other files you putted in flash disk will remain untouched, so you’ll need to delete those (or let them when you need them) after next unlock…



    (sorry for bad english)

  17. I managed to unlock my MioMoov 310 (US Version) based on the instructions above. I have iGo8 installed on the sd card but am not able to create a shortcut and place it on the desktop.

    Also has anyone been able to find a solution to the reset issue. Since On/Off doesn’t work after the unlock, everytime you reset it, you have to select the attributes (Lang etc) all over again


  18. on/off question is also rather simple…

    everyone has the file off.exe in the unlock folder…
    create link in start menu (not on desktop – due to problems with removed taksbar)…

    if button (from mio moov) is set to ‘on’ and you start off.exe… the screen will flash off and on again and doesn’t stays off…

    set the button (from mio moov) to off position…
    at first nothing will happen…
    start off.exe from start menu…
    et voila… it stays off…

    set the button (from mio moov) to “on” again and the mio moov will wake up… (off.exe will end when you click win-icon from taskbar)

    for me no more resets (except when i am blocked… LOL)…



  19. the most imported thing i am stuck with, and that bothers me, is the lack off a working keyboard (input panel)… a working keyboard could make a “real PDA” from my mio moov 370… (or let us say: a gps with PDA functions… LOL)



  20. You can delete every file in flash on the moov and it still will connect to the pc. I reformatted it, and still made a connection to a moov 300. Im Trying to run the old IGO software wide screen version on mine but keep getting hardwareIDError.. 🙁 Any Luck doing this, Anyone?

    Removed all files moov300
    Made folders Program Files/Navman/SmartST_CE/SmartST_CE Renames IGO.exe to SmartST_CE within that address. Copied over MioMap folder. It starts up, but gives me a hardwareiderror. Really miss IGO!!

  21. If you cant Connect to your MIO moov then you must reinstall the driver on your PC. or Change the USB port.

    The MOOVs files for pc linking are embedded…

  22. Anyway, I own two versions of IGO or MioMap one from a c3XX wide version and one from my C230. Ive tried both on the moov. C230 version, As it starts up, First BMP is MioMap then error, NO 400×277 etc bmp file. OK, miomap c230 version does not have widescreen.. So I tried, the widescreen version, That also startups and gets to HardwareIDError. Thats as far as I got..
    Made folders
    Program Files/Navman/SmartST_CE/SmartST_CE.exe
    Program Files/Navman/SmartST_CE with the TWO files it needed to point to SmartST_CE.exe which makes it point to the correct location of the .exe.
    Installed MioMap software in the SmartST_CE folder and changes the miomap.exe to SmartST_CE.exe
    Theres a file with all the Device names in it like HPxxx, PPC version etc.. Dont know if changing one of those devices to moov300 will make the software startup? Maybe it needs to know what device? Forget the file name of that, but it lists all the device names. If its windows 5.0, it should just run it, so I dont get it..

  23. OH, one more thing I thats sweet.. OWN a moov 300 and I installed traffic on it. Just dont know how to get it working.. If you goto mios website, get sign up for traffic using a 310, and enter your 300 ID number, it gives you a free Year of traffic and downloads all the traffic files to your moov300. So Dont know if the mio300 has a radio in it or not? Specs of the moov300 says traffic is an option..
    Once you get your SUB Number from online, use your MIO software and goto Activation. Type in your SUB number you just signed up for, and it will activate the traffic download. If someone knows how to turn it on NOW!!!

  24. sqr
    your instructions doesnt work to mio moov 200(about on-off).i didnt find off .exe.
    i must run destinator.any idea?

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