HP Photosmart 385 – "Cannot Display This Photo" Error

I have a HP Photosmart 385 which has been printing fine since day one. What I have been printing are photos straight from my camera. I tried to make an image out of several photos using GIMP. When I took the image I made to the printer, the printer complained about the photo(image) cannot be displayed. It cannot be printed either.

I was puzzled at first, because I make the image using the same resolution as the original photo. What could possibly go wrong? I later learned that in order for the printer to recognize the photo(image), you need to have EXIF information embedded in the photo. When I created my own image, I used a new canvas which has no EXIF info. Therefore, my photo printer cannot print to the image I make.

There is a program called jhead that can fix the problem. The program seems very powerful, yet it’s complicated to use. I then discovered a simple way to fix the problem. I just opened a photo using GIMP. I then copied the image I made on top of the photo and renamed it. I was able to get the printer to recognize the image and print it.

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