Are You Willing to Upgrade to iGo 8 ( OCN 8 )?

Now that Mio Tech switched to Navman navigation software. iGo 8 is not going to be an upgrade from Mio Tech. OnCourse is going to release iGo 8 as OCN 8 in US. The release date is in the first half of June according to the company. No pricing info is available yet. However, based upon the pricing of OCN 6, the price might be around $90.

Here is a quote from Nav N Go about the new features.

* Real 3D navigation with outstanding graphics of buildings, landmarks, and entire cities

* Two different user modes let the user interface fit your needs: with Simple mode the main functions are close at hand, while in Advanced mode you have access to the full functionality of the software

* Search for POIs anywhere, near certain locations or along the planned route to minimize the detour
* Have the whole route displayed on the map with a touch of a button, and check all relevant route information on a data screen
* Advanced POI management: Search, save, and load your own POIs and routes and share them on the Internet! (supporting Google Maps/Google Earth formats)

* Easy updating and extra content downloading with the help of the Content Manager application

You can see the screenshots and videos here.

My question is: Are you willing to pay $90 or more to upgrade?

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Here are some screenshots from MoonBear’s blog.

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