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I was looking for some good SATA drives for our new server. Of all the companies that offer 750GB SATA drives, Seagate has the best 5-yr warranty. Initially, I wanted to buy them from, but then I found that Amazon has better price. Click here for the product page.

The positive reviews on for the drive are excellent, the negative reviews are not about the drive, but about the packaging by Amazon. I worried that I might ran into the same problems, so I emailed Amazon and asked them if they improved on packaging. A representative emailed me back promptly and assured me that they were aware of the hard drive packaging issue and have improved the packaging.

I ordered 3 hard drives after I got the response from their customer service on 5/22/2008. The drives were delivered on 5/24/2008, 2 days after I placed the order even I choose the free saver shipping option. The drives arrived in good shape and I took some pictures when I unboxed them. You can judge it by yourself about the packaging.

To my surprise, unlike some other cheap drive with OEM package, these drives are in retail boxes with SATA cables and power adapter converters. The initial tests are good and the drives run quietly and cool. Overall, I am very happy with these drives. Note that these drives come in with a jumper to limit the transfer rate to 1.5 Gbits/s . Remember to remove the jumper if your motherboard or SATA card supports 3 Gbits/s.

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