iPhone Tips – How to Type Contraction Quickly

One feature that I don’t like about iPhone’s keyboard is that there is no symbols or numbers on the main keyboard. You have to switch to other keyboard to type symbols and numbers.

If you want to type the word can’t , you need to tap can first then the 123 button to switch to numbers and symbols keyboard and tap the apostrophe and then tap ABC button to switch to main keyboard and tap the last t. That’s 7 taps for a simple word.

How do yo enter the apostrophe in the contraction quickly? Easy, just don’t type it! When you type cant , the built-in dictionary suggests the right word can’t. Just tap space to accept the suggestion. Here is a screenshot of all the contractions I tried. I typed all the words without switching to the numbers and symbols keyboard.

Note that this is not a comprehensive list. They are just some words I tried this morning.

What if you really want to type cant instead of can’t? You need to tap the x beside the suggested word to reject it.

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