iPhone Tips – Keyboard Tips

iPhone has a great OS and it’s very user friendly. However, some of the features are not that obvious. Here are some keyboard tips I found either on the net or from the manual. I’ll keep this post updated once I found new keyboard tips.

  • Quickly type a period and a space: Double tap the space bar.
  • Type letters or symbols that are not on the keyboard: Press and hold the related letter or symbol, then slide to choose a variation.
  • Type .net , .edu or .org in the url field: When you type in the url field, there is a button “.com” for you to enter it quickly. If you hold it for a few seconds, you can see the other choices: .net , .edu and .org .
  • Accept the suggested word: When you type, the built-in dictionary suggests the word. You can type a space, punctuation mark, or return character to accept the word.

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