Navigon 2100 at a Glance

I saw a great deal for Navigon 2100 on . After discount, easy rebate and coupon, the total comes to about $84.00. The price is excellent for a GPS with TTS (Text to speech). The shipping is fast, too. I ordered it on Tuesday and it arrived on Wednesday.

It came in a very tiny box.

It has all the accessories for an automotive GPS. What’s interesting is a sticker saying this GPS is PIN protected. I don’t know if this is enough to deter the thieves. I am not going to leave my GPS in my unattended again after my first GPS got stolen.

The surface of the Navigon is shiny and looks great initially. However, it’s very easy to get your figer prints all over the surface.

This is a shot with Mio C230. Navigon 2100 is thinner but broader than C230. The built quality is good and it also has bigger speaker on the back. A 2GB SD card is included with 48 states maps.

This is how it look in the mount. Note that it’s kinda hard to get the unit off the mount. You need to bend the holding bracket quite a bit to get it out. I am afraid that I might break the bracket someday.

The package does not include a printed manual. You have to visit the company’s web site and download it. Be sure to register your unit. I got a link to a free update which includes the latest maps right after my registration.

One major advantage over Mio C230 is the Navteq maps. Almost all the new roads in my neighborhood are included. How does it do about navigation? I took it out for several short trips and found it performs very well. I have read some complaints about routing problems, but I only experienced this problem when I accidentally select a very nearby destination. From my understanding, you can fine tune how it routes, I will post my findings once I learn more.

Unlocking Navigon is very simple. They put everything on the SD card, it’s easy to identify the autorun executable. I have successfully modified my unlocking scripts for Mio C230 to be used on this unit. I will publish the whole package once I get the kinks out of it.

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  1. Hi,
    Do these applications work with UK Navigon2100’s. I am unable too find the autorunce files either.

    Please advise
    Many thanks

  2. If your UK Navigon 2100 is running Windows CE .net, then yes. The instructions are for US Navigon 2100, you just have to find the executable file that invokes MN6 on your unit.

  3. hi! i have one problem. my unit 2100 is unlocked with your script.nice job.while driving, if the baterry is low, i connect 2 the lighter and the gps get into a “connect to computer” mode.can i do smth about this? ty

    • Did you use the original car charger? Navigon is picky about the charger. If you use a 3rd party USB charger, it assumes the unit is connected to a computer.

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