Printing Admin Scripts on Windows 7 Beta

There are some useful printing administration scripts since XP. When I tried to use them on Windows 7 Beta, I couldn’t run them. They are not in the system path. I found them in


where %SystemRoot% is usually C:\Windows . To use these scripts, you can set your path to this directory or just copy the scripts to


By default, you can only run these scripts by cscript.exe or wscript.exe. For example, to run prnmngr.vbs, you need to type:

cscript prnmngr.vbs

If you want to run the scripts by typing it’s file name, type the following:

cscript //H:CScript //S

This command sets the default script host to cscript.exe, you can then run the scripts by typing the file names with or without extension.

There are seven scripts in total.


To learn more about these scripts, type the name followed by /? .

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