How to Batch Convert WAV to MP3

There are a lot of audio converters on the market, but I couldn’t find a free one that can batch convert WAV files to MP3 files. My task is simply – I have a lot of speech recording files in WAV format, I just want to convert them all to MP3 files. While I was looking for the converters, I found that a lot of them use lame as their engines. So I just tried to come up with a solution by using lame. Here are steps for Windows.

  1. Download the lame executable for Windows from this site. Extract the files to C:/bin/lame . You can use other location, just remember to change the following script for the location of the lame files.
  2. Use a text editor to create a batch file. Add the following line in the batch file and save it.
  3. Copy the batch file you created in step 2 to the directory where you have the *.wav files and double click on the batch file to run it. All the WAV files will be converted to MP3 files in the same directory

Note that there are tons of options for lame, type lame -? to see the options.

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