Netflix for PS3 Cheat Sheet

netflix-ps3Just got my Netflix instant streaming disc for PS3 last week. The interface is intuitive, but there is not a manual or help about what the buttons on your pad are for. I am compiling this cheat sheet for reference. Hope this is useful. I’ll also update the post once I learn more about Netflix for PS3.

Browing Mode:

  • D-Pad or Left Analog Stick: Navigation
  • X: Confirm
  • Circle: Exit Netflix for PS3
  • R2: Page right
  • L2: Page Left

Playing Mode:

  • Up on D-pad or Square: Go back to Browsing Mode.
  • Right on D-pad: Next frame
  • Left on D-pad: Previous frame
  • R2: Fast forward (3 speed)
  • L2: Fast rewind (3 speed)
  • Select: Media info
  • Start: Pause/Resume
  • Circle: Exit Netflix for PS3
  • Triangle: On screen menu

Here are some notes:

  1. The Left Analog Stick’s function is the same as the D-Pad. The Right Analog Stick is not used.
  2. If you want Netflix to remember your viewing progress, remember to press Up or Square button to exit out the playback. Wait until the updating message disappears before you turn off the machine.
  3. When the network is slow, the picture quality is bad. You can pause the playback for a few seconds and resume it. The picture quality would be improved for a short while.

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