“You Must be an Administrator” Error for Fix It Center Beta

Microsoft has a new tool for less experienced users to fix their Windows problems. It is available as a free download. You can supposedly fix your computer problems through simple clicks of the mouse.

Microsoft FixIt Center Online

When I tried to run it for the first time, I got this error message: “You must be an administrator to run fix it center for the first time. Please log in as an administrator to complete fix it configuration.”  However,  I had already been using an admin account.

I was not alone; a forum thread shows that there are a lot of users like me. The problem was a bug in the beta fix it center software. The program only checks the user accounts in the local Administrators group. My account was in the Domain Admins group, which was in the local Administrators group. This does not work. Your account has to be in the local Administrators group directly. The solution is to add the account manually to the local Administrators group.

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