Silent Uninstallation of McAfee Security Scan Plus 2.0

If you have ever downloaded the Acrobat reader from Adobe’s web site, chances are you have also unintentionally downloaded the McAfee Security Scan Plus  because it comes with the reader by default. When clicked on, the program runs and asks you to purchase the full version. Even though the software is legit, the behavior is like a spyware. This is very annoying in an enterprise environment.

I have gotten several requests from my users to uninstall the program. Here is a tip for system admins. You can do silent uninstallation by putting this command into a script.


"%ProgramFiles%\McAfee Security Scan\uninstall.exe" /S


"%ProgramFiles(x86)%\McAfee Security Scan\uninstall.exe" /S

This works with the McAfee Security Scan Plus version 2.0 that is downloaded from Adobe. It does not work with the latest version 3.0.

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