How to Convert WPA Passphrase to Key for Embedded Devices

I recently changed my home wireless router’s encryption from WEP to WPA Personal. Most of my computers and wireless-enabled devices could connect without a problem except for an old set-top media player. The player did support WPA Personal, but it just wouldn’t connect. When I looked at the router’s status, I could see the player trying to connect. However, it only connected for a few seconds before suddenly disconnecting.

After I entered the passphrase several times, I then realized the media player only took  a WPA key. There was no way to input a passphrase to the player.  Some routers do generate the key for you, but mine does not support it. I needed a way to convert the passphrase to key.

I found a web page that converts the WPA passphrase to key for you. The calculation is done using Javascript on your computer, so your WPA passphrase is not transmitted to the server after processing. If you are still worried about the potential leak of your passphrase, you can save the webpage on your computer. Disconnect your computer from the network and run the Javascript-enabled page for conversion. Here is the link.

WPA Passphrase to Key Calculation

After I entered the converted key into my media player, it connected to the wireless network and worked  right away. This is very useful if you have wireless-enabled devices that only take a WPA key but not a passphrase.


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  1. I just know the WPA-PSK hex key of my network. I want to convert it in ASCII. so that my network security key matches. please I need an urgent help?
    will anybody convert it?
    the hex key is
    any kind of help will really be appreciated

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