How to Update Video Card Driver on Windows

The most popular post on kombitz is how to fix the OpenGL error when running Angry Birds. The fix is to simply update the driver for the video card. However, a lot of readers do not know how to do so. I decided to write this post to provide some pointers. Here is a list of steps you can try. You do not have to do them all; just test the game after each step.

Using the device manager

This is the easiest method. I have written a detailed post on this already, so I will not repeat the instructions here. Just click on this link to try that first.

Download the driver from the computer manufacturers

If the device manager method does not work for you, the next thing to try is to download the driver from your computer’s manufacturer. I have listed some of the major manufacturers here. Just try them and use your computer’s model number to search for the video card driver. This is only a partial list. If your brand is not listed, just try to google it using the keywords like your computer’s brand name plus support or driver.

Download the driver from the video card chipset manufacturers

If the previous two steps did not solve your problem, this is your last resort. You can try to download the driver from the video card chipset manufacturers. You need to use the device manager to determine the manufacturer first. There are not a lot of chipset makers. Here are the three major ones.

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  1. Thank you very much for this. I was struggling with getting angry birds in work mode. I tried with first method. As u mentioned it is easy and yes, it works.
    My son would certainly love to see angry birds on PC.

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