How to Convert MKV to AVCHD with Soft Subtitles for PS3 Using multiAVCHD

Playstation 3 supports a lot of media types, but it’s not clear about what are the media types that support subtitles. I tried several different formats and found that DivX format supports subtitles on PS3. I wrote a post about how to convert .mkv file to .avi (DivX) earlier. Even though I can finally watch the video with soft subtitles, the process is long and the video gets degraded because the encoding process. The conversion is also sometimes buggy.

Later, I found AVCHD on PS3 can also show subtitles. There is an excellent program multiAVCHD which can convert .mkv file coded with H.264/AC3 to AVCHD without re-encoding the video.

  1. Download multiAVCHD from the author’s site.
  2. (Optional) If your .mkv file uses AAC as the audio codec, follow this post to convert it.
  3. Run multiAVCHD.
  4. Click on MKV/*TS/MPEG/MOV files to select the .mkv file you want to convert.
  5. Click on Menu tab and select the correct TV System. Use NTSC in North America.
  6. Click on the Audio/Subtitles tab and check Use embeded ASS subtitles if your .mkv file uses ASS subtitles.
  7. Click on create multiAVCHD to start the process. By default, a subfolder called AVCHD will be created under the multiAVCHD folder.
  8. When it’s done processing, copy the AVCHD folder to the root of your USB flash drive.
  9. Safely remove the USB flash drive from your computer, insert it to PS3 and enjoy!

Note that AVCHD is kinda picky about the resolutions  and the H.264 level of the video source. If the generated AVCHD folder is not viewable on PS3, you might still need to convert .mkv file to a different format.

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  1. It’s not working. In AVCHD -> BDMW -> STREAM -> appear 2 MTS files ( 4Gb and 800 MB) Same problem: there no subtitles 🙂 I tried this for more than 100 times and is not working. Can someone help me?

    I pick a 1280 X 720 resolution, AC 3 audio codec, subtitles was embeded and when I open with TXMUXER show me PGS subtitles 4-5 channels – SWE, ENG, POR, ROM, ESP subtitles but when I put the USB on my PS 3 subtitle don’t shown.

    Please help !!!!

  2. GoldenBoy, you need to change the name to some files of the AVCHD structure to put them into you USB flash drive.
    Download an executable call AVCHD Me.exe (search it on google) and place it into the AVCHD folder. Then execute it and all the files will be rename themselves.
    If not, you can rename the files yourself but i dont remember what you got to change.

    PD: sorry for my english, i’m not american.

  3. haiii my friend its not working mkv file i added and i click start and selected playstation 3…then a sound heard and end of log…
    please hel me

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