How to Replace Memory for Acer Aspire One AOD150

I helped a user with his Acer Aspire One AOD150 to upgrade memory. The AOD150 comes with 1GB of memory and it has only one slot. Therefore, you cannot just add memory to it, you have to replace the old one. The memory you can use is DDRII 667 MHz. Here is a good one: OCZ 2 GB PC2-5400 667 MHz DDR2 . Follow the steps to install it.

  1. Turn off the computer and remove the battery.
  2. Turn the computer bottom side up and place it on a soft surface.
  3. Use a screw driver to remove the one screw.
  4. Now it’s the scary part. Gently remove the cover. The cover is secured by two tabs around the mid section. You need to apply a bit of force to get it open.
  5. Before you touch any components inside the computer, touch any metal in your surrounding to discharge statics on you or put on an anti-static wrist strap. Gently pull out the clips from the side of the memory. The location of the clips is shown in the previous photo. The memory would pop up. Remove it.
  6. Insert the new memory into the slot at an angle. Note that there is a notch on the memory, make sure the orientation is alright. If you have problems inserting the memory, the orientation is probably wrong. This is a photo for an ASUS 1000HE, the idea is the same.
  7. Push down the memory so it locks in place.
  8. Put back the cover and screw.

You have saved $50.00 by doing this yourself. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I wish my aspire one had those access panels on the bottom. Mine only has one panel. I opened it only to discover an empty space.

    1G RAM
    160G HDD
    Win XP

  2. Great instructions; thanks for giving me the courage to proceed with removing the cover — it’s really stubborn, and it’s secured by 4 tabs! Once I was confident it wouldn’t break, voila…the rest was a snap. Now that it has 2 gigs, I can run Office 2007 on it. Again, thanks a million!

  3. I did not remove the battery before proceeding with the memory replacement and now the computer wont turn on event though the power button is lit green. I wished I came across your directions before doing this. What to do???

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