Fedora 12 and VirtualBox 3.0 Guest Additions

To install VirtualBox 3.0 Guest Additions on a Fedora 12 virtual machine, follow these steps.

  1. In the virtual machine’s menu, click on Devices -> Install Guest Additions .
  2. The guest additions CD image is mounted. A message pops up asking about autorun. Click on Cancel.
  3. Click on the Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal to bring up a terminal window.
  4. Now you do the following steps in the terminal. Enter su and press enter. Enter root’s password to get a root prompt.
  5. We need two extra packages to install the guest additions. Enter the following commands.
    yum -y install gcc kernel-devel
  6. Now change the directory to the guest additions media. The path is different, if you use a different version of VirtualBox.
    cd /media/VBOXADDITIONS_3.0.12_54655/
  7. Run the guest additions script for 32bit machines. If you use a 64bit VM, use VBoxLinuxAdditions-amd64.run instead.
    sh VBoxLinuxAdditions-x86.run
  8. Reboot the VM and it’s done.

I do not have a full guide on installing Fedora 12 on VirtualBox, but the whole process is very similar to installing Fedora 11. Please see this post for reference.

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  1. I followed the above procedures for a F12 guest installation on VirtualBox 3.1.2. However, it still failed in building the VirtualBox Guest Additions Module. After the failure, I tried rerun the yum -y install ……. command and it reported that:

    Package kernel-devel- already installed and latest version

    Did I do anything wrong or is there something new for VirtualBox ver 3.1.2? Your advice and assistance will be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • I upgraded my VB to 3.1.2 and reinstalled the guest additions. Everything seems to be fine. What is the error message you got?

  2. I’m running VB 3.1.4 and after I install Guest Additions and reboot it just gives me a black screen. Any solutions?

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