How I Prepared for ITIL Foundation Certification

After I got my PMP certification, I set out to find my next certification. Of the certifications I looked at, I found the ITIL Foundation certification appealing mainly because it’s required by some of the big companies that I want to work with, and it’s not a difficult certification to prepare.

My first tool was the online training and certification offered by Grey Campus. The training course includes a voucher for you to take the certification and you can also earn 25 PMI PDUs, which is a plus for keeping my PMP certification current. The course excels at summarizing the material, and it also has some mock exams. Overall, I think this course is good. The only problem is that the presentation was kind of dry. Here is the link to the ITIL 4 Foundation Training.

The second tool I used is this book, “ITIL Foundation Exam Study Guide“. The book provides a lot more information than you need to pass the certification. If you are not currently in an IT profession, it gives you some perspectives about the IT service industry. The drawback of the book is that it does not give you an outline view of some contents; you will have to highlight them by yourself. The book is a good complement to the Grey Campus online training. Note that this book is for the v3 of the ITIL certification at the time of this writing.

The third and final tool is an app, “ITIL Exam Tests Questions“. The app has tons of questions for you to practice. I like the feature that it automatically remembers the questions you missed, and you can go back to those questions easily. Some of the answers might not be right, so you might want to check them. After the online training and the book, I use this app every day to help my remember the key points and it proves very helpful. Note that the app is also for the v3 of the certification.

So, what are the tools you used to prepare for ITIL Foundation Exam? Share them with us in the comments section.

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