How to Install animatediff-cli Prompt Travel on Windows

animatediff-cli is a command line tool to help you generate animation using Stable Diffusion models. animatediff-cli-prompt-travel adds prompt travel feature to make it even more powerful. Follow the instructions to install this powerful AI animation tool on Windows.



  • Open up a command prompt and change directory to where you want to install animatediff-cli-prompt-travel.
  • Enter the following commads to install it.
    git clone
    cd animatediff-cli-prompt-travel
    python -m venv venv
    set PYTHONUTF8=1
    python -m pip install --upgrade pip
    python -m pip install torch torchvision torchaudio --index-url
    python -m pip install -e .
    python -m pip install -e .[stylize]
    python -m pip install -e .[dwpose]
    pip install pytorch_lightning
  • Download Stable Diffusion models and put them in data\models\sd .  If you already have some Stable Diffusion models, you can use mklink to make it available to animatediff-cli-prompt-travel. For example, I entered this in an elevated command prompt under the data\models\sd directory.
    mklink MeinaV11.safetensors d:\stable-diffusion-webui\models\Stable-diffusion\MeinaV11.safetensors
  • Download Lora models and put them in data\share\Lora. Note that you have to create this directory.
  • Download VAE models and put them in data\share\VAE. Note that you have to create this directory.
  • Download motion module models and put them in data\models\motion-module. Links can be found here:
  • Download embeddings and put them in data\embeddings.


  • Use a text editor to create a file called Meina.json and save it under config\prompts
        "name": "MeinaV11",
        "path": "models/sd/MeinaV11.safetensors",
        "vae_path": "share/VAE/kl-f8-anime.ckpt",
        "motion_module": "models/motion-module/mm_sd_v15_v2.safetensors",
        "context_schedule": "uniform",
        "lcm_map": {},
        "gradual_latent_hires_fix_map": {},
        "compile": false,
        "tensor_interpolation_slerp": true,
        "seed": [
        "scheduler": "euler",
        "steps": 50,
        "guidance_scale": 7.0,
        "unet_batch_size": 1,
        "clip_skip": 2,
        "prompt_fixed_ratio": 0.5,
        "head_prompt": "masterpiece, best quality, a beautiful and detailed portriat of a girl in a dance club, dancing, ",
        "prompt_map": {
            "0": "smile, wearing white dress,",
            "32": "wearing tank top and shorts, in the spot light,",
            "64": "wearing bikini,",
            "96": "wearing black dress, in the spot light,"
        "tail_prompt": "clothed, awesome and detailed background",
        "n_prompt": [
            "(worst quality, low quality:1.4), badhandv4, bad-hands-5, BadDream, nudity,simple background,border,mouth closed,text, patreon,bed,bedroom,white background,((monochrome)),sketch"
        "is_single_prompt_mode": false,
        "lora_map": {},
        "motion_lora_map": {},
        "ip_adapter_map": {},
        "img2img_map": {},
        "region_map": {},
        "controlnet_map": {},
        "upscale_config": {},
        "stylize_config": {},
        "output": {
            "format": "mp4",
            "fps": 8,
            "encode_param": {
                "crf": 10
        "result": {}
  • Open up a command prompt and change directory to animatediff-cli-prompt-travel.
  • Activate the venv.
  • Type the following to run it.
    animatediff generate -c config\prompts\Meina.json -W 512 -H 640 -L 128 -C 16
  • When it’s done, the generated video and images are in output folder. It takes about 16 minutes for a Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti.
  • Output


  • Not all the Stable Diffusion models and Lora models work with animatediff. You have to try them to find the best models for you. I have good results with the following models:
  • You can follow my other post to upscale the video and increase the frame rate.

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