Vista RC1 on MacBook

When I heard that RC1 is available for download, I downloaded it and installed it on my MacBook right away. Compared to my Vista Beta 2’s installation note, I found the following favorable points.

  • The installation is a breeze. You don’t need to delete the EFI partition any more. There is also no need to repair the installation. Just follow Boot Camp’s instruction to install Vista RC 1.
  • After installation, the Startup Disk in OS X’s System Preferences is still working. You can set the default startup disk to either Vista or OS X at ease. It was a major hassle for Vista Beta 2 if you ever want to switch between the startup disks.
  • The Intel 945GM driver is now WDDM certified. You don’t have to use the Lakeport driver to use Aero theme.
  • Waking up from sleep or hibernation is more reliable and faster.

And of course, there are still problems with drivers. With Boot Camp 1.1, you have drivers for microphone and iSight. However, these drivers still don’t work under Vista RC1. There is also no way to adjust the screen brightness. There is also a weird problem with my clock. It’s almost always wrong everytime I reboot the machine.

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