Synaptics Touchpad Driver for Windows 7

When I installed Windows 7 Beta on my Acer Ferrari 3400, the Synaptics Touchpad was recognized as a PS/2 compatible mouse. I missed the scroll function of the touchpad driver. Since the Windows 7 is just beta, there is no dedicated driver for it.
However, I found that the driver for Vista is working just fine. You can download Synaptics drivers from the company’s web site.

A tip for downloading drivers from the web: always download the driver from the official site or the manufacturer’s web site. There are a lot of other sites that offer drivers downloads. Those downloads may be infected by spyware, so be careful when using those drivers.

[Update: 6/1/2009]

I just installed the Vista 64 bit driver on my Windows 7 RC 64 bit machine. The version I downloaded is v10.1.8. After installation, all the settings are available. Here are some screenshots:



[Update: 9/9/2009]

I tried this on Windows 7 RTM, and it works, too. The version is the same: 10.1.8. Here is a screenshot:


[Update: 10/22/2009]

Synaptics now has the driver certified for Windows 7. The version is v14.0.3

[Update: 10/27/2009]

If the driver does not work for you, you can try to uninstall the device first, reboot, and try the installation again. Here is my post about how to uninstall a device on Windows 7.

[Update: 1/28/2010]

Not all touchpads are made by Synaptics. Please see this post about identifying your touchpad. I also have a post about the Alps touchpad, which is being used on a lot of Dell laptops.

  • Margarita

    I’ve just installed the synaptics driver for vista/7 and now my touchpad’s scroll works perfectly : )

    Thank you!

  • Hannah Johnson


    Just installed Win7 and mousepad didnt work, now it does thanks to this article! Thank you!

  • funny

    If doesn’t work for you, defaults with driver for wista 64, worked perfect for me on windows 7 64 😉

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    THANK YOU!!!!!! I’ve been fighting with an oversensitive touchpad for about a year – you have solved my problem! You are my hero!!

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  • Zoraida

    I installed synaptics driver v14.3 for windows 7and works perfectly at home, but at the office, when I connect my laptop to a docking station, if I disable the touch pad, does not recognize the mouse that is connected to the docking station. I had to connect the mouse directly to the laptop usb port in order to be able to use the mouse and disable the touch pad.

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    thanks alot for a treat on my samsung r410 notebook.your a legend.couldn’t find a fix anywhere.kudos

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    THANKS! This article is on the money. I first tried Gateway directly and they wanted to charge me $129 for a support contract before giving out this driver. Thieves!! Thanks to your article I got it for free from synaptics.

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    Dell Inspiron 1501, Win7 x64, Touchpad stuck from time to time with default win7 driver. ( MS-Inteli Mouse driver ). Downloaded this one here will leave one more message if it does not fix the problem.

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    touchpad não funciona


    give me a touch pad driver for dell inspiron15 windows7

  • I have windows 7 64, but i cant ran Synaptics, Error((( what I can do?

    • amida168

      Make sure you get the 64bit version of the driver. BTW, if your touchpad is not made by Synaptics, it’s not gonna work.

  • hashandy

    is it works on win7 32 ?

    • amida168


  • tengo instalado windows 7 ultimate beta este controlador sirve para una macbook a1181 el touchpad no funciona el click derecho y no funciona el click en la superficie del touchpad no da el click pronta respuesta

  • Jay

    I just updated the driver for the mouse and restarted my machine and windows 7 works perfectly now with the trackpad driver

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    Hi, I managed to get to the point where the system tells me my driver is up to da te. My touchpad is functioning… except the scroll. After I installed the driver suggested by Acer for my model, I see the touchpad in the Mouse section of ControlPanel. But when I click on settings, it only shows me Overvew, and Buttons (Left and Right) and what I can assign to them. Where are the scrolling options and how can I enable them? (Acer e1-521, Windows 7).