Cooliris Firefox Plugin Not Working – Fixed


Cooliris is one of my favorite plugins for Firefox browser. Whenever I do a google search of images, I use it to quickly browse to the image I want.

For some reasons, the Cooliris plugin for Firefox on my Windows workstation  stopped working a few days ago. I just saw a blank wall and that’s it. I tried a lot of things to get it back. I even re-installed it and the plugin still did not work. I tried using another account and the plugin did work with other account. I knew the problem is with my Firefox profile, but I had no idea how to fix it.

Then it occurred to me that I have not tried to change the settings. I clicked on the gear icon on the bottom of the Cooliris window and randomly changed some settings. The Cooliris plugin started to work after the changes! My guess for the situation here is that I might have some corrupted or outdated Cooliris settings. By changing the settings, my configuration file was fixed. Anyway, if you ran into a similar problem, try changing the settings.

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  1. We’re working on a fix for this bug right now – we’re having a hard time consistently reproducing it. Thanks for letting us know, we’re on it!

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