Windows 7 Activation using Command Line Utility slmgr

Windows 7 uses the same command line utility slmgr as Vista for activation with a MAK (Multiple Activation Key). Follow these simple steps to activate your Windows 7.

  1. Open up an elevated command prompt.
  2. Enter the following
    slmgr -ipk your-mak-key-here
    slmgr -ato

To learn more about this command, type the following command.

slmgr /?

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  1. both my husband and I got an error code saying ‘this product key cannot be used on this computer. we both have a different product key. When I called Microsoft they just walked me through activation using a command promt code. When my husband called they gave him all kinds of trouble and refused to assist him with activation. does the code that you are displaying help in the case of the above error?
    He purchased his product, we just want to be able to use it without all the disaster of calling microsoft.

    • Hi,
      The solution for your case would be using sysprep.

      Naviagte to C:\windows\Sytem32\sysprep double click on sysprep.exe selct OOBE,Generalise,and Select reboot

      it would prompt u to enter the serial code enter your serial code there and follow the installation again it would fix your issue

  2. Hi i have tryed the administrator command prompt to activate my windows 7 and after entering with the codes you have given it worked and says that it is been completed.

    When i clicked ok and then i closed my browser and it still says that its not genuine and i tryed it again and the same happened and clicked ok and then restarted my laptop and it still says its not genuine.

    i have tryed for ages for this to be sorted out and i have just downloaded free software to retreive my product key as i have removed my hdd and wiped the recovery and the genuine windows off my os.

    i have been trying for just a little over 3 – 4 months and finaly found my original product key and when i enter it useing START – left click COMPUTER – PROPERTYS….

    I enter it manualy and paste it and it still says that its not genuine and tells me to click go to th microsoft website…

    have you any suggentions for me or any advice why this is happening has it been to late and it no longer works and if so what can i do to get it activated again
    it will be much appreciated….

    Thanks Dean R – 01:36 – 25th August 2011.

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