Firefox 4 features a newly designed user interface, and it looks more like the Google Chrome browser now. The new design saves a lot of on-screen real estate and is good for a laptop screen. However, you might not like the new design- instead, you want the classic look back.Continue Reading

When I tried out some software, I accidentally installed the toolbar for Firefox. While the toolbar is easy to uninstall, there are some hidden settings which were also changed by the installer. For example, if I entered some words in the address bar and pressed enter, Firefox would redirectContinue Reading

A feature of Firefox is that it calls your Anti Virus program to scan the downloaded files automatically upon completion of the download process. This feature is nice that it adds an additional layer of protection. However, there are times when you want to disable it. I was downloading aContinue Reading

I got a message from one of my users about Firefox this morning. The problem is that he gets a Run As dialog every time he opens Firefox. It’s kinda annoying. I thought it might be a virus or a trojan. The cause is actually harmless. Every time Firefox opensContinue Reading