Compiz Key Combinations List

Here is a list of default compiz key combinations list for Fedora Core 6. Remember that you can always use gconf-editor to change the default key combinations if you don’t like them.


  • Button1: Mouse left button
  • Button2: Mouse middle button
  • Button3: Mouse right button
  • Button4: Mouse wheel up
  • Button5: Mouse wheel down
  • Button6: Mouse wheel left
  • <Super>: Windows key
main_menu_key <Alt>F1 Open up the Gnome main menu.
run_key <Alt>F2 Bring up a dialog to run application.
close_window_key <Alt>F4 Close window.
unmaximize_window_key <Alt>F5 Restore a maximized window to original size.
minimize_window_key <Alt>F9 Minimize window.
maximize_window_key <Alt>F10 Maximize window.
slow_animations_key <Shift>F10 Show the animation in slow motion.
window_menu_button <Alt>Button3 Bring up window menu.
opacity_increase_button <Alt>Button4 Increase opacity of a window.
opacity_decrease_button <Alt>Button5 Decrease opacity of a window (More translucent)
run_command_screenshot_key Print Take screenshot of whole screen.
toggle_window_shaded_key <Control><Alt>s Shade/unshade a window.
show_desktop_key <Control><Alt>d Show desktop.
run_command_window_screenshot_key <Alt>Print Take screenshot of a window.
window_menu_key <Alt>space Bring up window menu.
lower_window_button <Alt>Button6 Lower active window.
unfold_key <Control><Alt>Down Unfold the cube (show 3 desktops in a row).
next_slide_key space Next desktop. (I don’t know how to activate this)
prev_slide_key BackSpace Previous desktop.
rotate_right_key <Control><Alt>Right Switch to the right desktop.
rotate_right_window_key <Shift><Control><Alt>Right Switch to the right desktop with the active window.
initiate_button <Control><Alt>Button1 Rotate the desktops in 3D.
rotate_left_window_key <Shift><Control><Alt>Left Switch to the left desktop.
rotate_left_key <Control><Alt>Left Switch to the left desktop with the active window.
initiate_button <Alt>Button2 Resize window using mouse.
initiate_key <Alt>F8 Resize window using keyboard (press Enter to quit)
initiate_button <Alt>Button1 Move window using mouse.
initiate_key <Alt>F7 Move window using keyboard (press Enter to quit)
initiate_key <Control><Super> Turn on water effect. (My card doesn’t support it 🙁 )
toggle_wiper_key <Shift>F8 Toggle wiper.
toggle_rain_key <Shift>F9 Toggle rain.
next_all_key <Control><Alt>Tab Switch to next window for all desktops.
next_key <Alt>Tab Switch to next window for current desktop.
prev_key <Shift><Control><Alt>Tab Switch to previous window.
zoom_in_button <Super>Button4 Zoom in manually .
initiate_button <Super>Button3 Zoom in once.
zoom_out_button <Super>Button5 Zoom out manually.
initiate_edge [TopRight] Show previews of all windows using mouse.
initiate_key Pause Show previews of all windows using keyboard.
snap_key <Shift> Snap window to the grid.


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  1. The zoom function doesn’t seem to work 🙁

    it worked once, but not anymore… 🙁

    using a windows keyboard…

    anyone has an idea?


  2. When i do many of the commands

    such as Super and Control and many other the Ubuntu Hardy logs of – the screen goes black – then 4 lines of text – then i get back to the login stage…..!!!!

    why does it do this?

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