Plugins for Viewing Podcast on TCPMP

To view podcast on TCPMP, you need AVC plugin for H.264 video and AAC plugin for audio. These two plugins are not part of the TCPMP package. I found this post with a link to a cab file of these plugins. I tested these plugins with TCPMP 0.72RC1. It runs great most of the time except there are some dropped frames at times.

I extracted the cab file and zipped the plugin files. You can download the zip file here. Just unzip the file and put the plugin files (avc.plg and aac.plg) in the same directory of TCPMP (player.exe). If you use my Mio C230 unlock pack, put them in the Script directory (Mio Device) F:Script.

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  1. I followed these instructions, I can see the file on the Storage Card, but when I play one I get “Player: \Storage Card\TestMovie.MP4 Unknown File Format!”

  2. Which should I use? I use WinFF to encode. My choices are “H.264 *iPod Linux*”, “H.264 High Quality” “XviD for iPod”. The one that wouldn’t work was “H.264 High Quality”.

  3. I’ll give it a whirl. Did I see you say, at one time, that the media player will play while MioMaps still gives you directions (i.e. Wife watching a movie while I listen to the TTS directions)?

  4. CD,

    To switch between media player and MioMap, you need BananaPC to do it. However, I don’t recommend you do that. Watching a movie using media player is very resource intensive and so is using MioMap.

  5. CD,

    In my blog, I think I said both programs “could” run at the same time. But I meant for audio, not video and it really isn’t that practical anyways because there is no headphone jack to relay the sound into a better sound system.

    c230, Dan

  6. Are there any plug in available for viewing asia font media file title on screen, especially show it in the display window during playing the file or in the file selection window, thanks,

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