How to Cut Out Background of Your Photo Using GIMP


I have always wanted to learn how to cut out the background of my photo, but I never got a chance. I finally got around to it using GIMP this afternoon. Here is what I figured out.

  1. Invoke GIMP and open a photo of your choice.
  2. Use the Paths Tool to create a path around the subject. When you are about to close the path, press and hold Ctrl key and click on the first point.
  3. Click on Select -> From Path to select the subject.
  4. Click on Select -> Invert to invert the selection. The background is now selected.
  5. Click on Edit -> Cut to cut out the background.
  6. Save the file.

Not too difficult, is it? Just in case you are wondering, the picture shown is a Shuttle K48 I built a while ago.

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